11 december 2013
GMCS assisted Alnas to improve effectiveness of production management
GMCS, a member of MAYKOR, announced about competition of the first stage of the construction of informational management system for a plant Alnas.

In the result, Alnas could increase efficacy of production management processes. In particular, the enterprise got functional production accounting and the relevant information on material flows.

Alnas, one of the largest enterprises of oil engineering industry, located in Almetyevsk. Business support of GC Rimera is provided by the several informational systems, including BAAN IV, which automated a part of production and supplies management processes.

"Due to changes of market structure and increased requirements of clients, Alnas turned to low-volume production that makes business client-oriented. One of the major tasks is appropriate execution of received orders that is quite time and labour-consuming without an informational system of planning and production management working accurately. The current stage shows that we achieved ability to get authoritative information on supplies – correspondently, it improves accuracy of planning. In the further, we intend to develop the solution based on BAAN IV band carried out transaction to the basic production business processes on the platform Infor LN," noticed Sergey S.Sachenko, executive director of Alnas.

Today BAAN IV provides functional accounting – everyday registration of the all production data (production accounting in shop floors, accounting of supplies changes and uncompleted production). The unified management system covers 6 main shop floors of the customer.

"Jointly with GMCS we designed a production model based on BAAN IV, which made more obvious the situation in production. When the project started, not the all shop floors worked in BAAN IV, but now the core production (including engineering floor) carries accounting, forms primary documents entirely in the system BAAN IV," added Aleksandra Grischuk, project manager in Alnas.

In the further system development Alnas is planning to migrate to the contemporary version of platform Infor LN with the functionality of production planning and ability to get necessary reporting.

"At the moment, we closed lacunas in the production accounting, provided ability for the customer to get with quality and timely information for the existing planning system. We hope that Alnas could estimate advantages of Infor LN solution, which supports MRP conception to solve major tasks of production planning," said Ludmila Sokolskaya, director of Infor Department, GMCS.

About Alnas

Established in 1978, the manufacturing company Alnas is part of Rimera Group and one of Russia's largest makers of complete electric centrifugal pump systems for oil production.

The Alnas product range includes 50 engine variants, 100 pump variants, and more than 3000 equipment options. Alnas has been recognized as Russia's top mechanical engineering company several times in its history.

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