9 july 2014
GMCS automates accounting of smart and scratch cards for Tricolor TV

GMCS (a subsidiary of MAYKOR) automates processes of planning and accounting of cards and PINs for Tricolor TV, Russia's largest satellite TV operator, on the base of the latest platform Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.

As a result, Tricolor TV can optimize inventory work with smart and scratch cards. TV operator get a tool for efficient procurement planning of cards, taking into account current balance on the company's warehouses and distributors. In addition, Tricolor TV will track the movement of cards starting from the receipt of the card from the manufacturer and ending with its purchase and activation of subscriber, control returns, as well as obtain the necessary reporting.

"The project enables us not only to optimize the new accounting processes of produced smart and scratch cards - there are millions, it's a large amount - but in the long term to optimize production of cards, improve customer satisfaction service," said Roman V. Gotov, CIO of Tricolor TV.

"To account inventory and movement of cards GMCS’ specialists has written module that is tightly integrated with the standard Microsoft Dynamics AX modules 2012 R3 - Accounts Payable, Inventory Management. This module, along with the latest version of the standard functionality of the product and other solutions of GMCS, will improve the efficiency of accounting of payment and access cards, display all the necessary primary and reporting forms. The latest version of the product will simplify the further development of the system. By the end of the summer we plan to launch the system in commercial operation," added Natalia Ovcharenko, Vice President GMCS.

About Tricolor TV 

Tricolor TV is the Russia's largest satellite TV operator performing digital broadcasting of a package of television channels in the European part of Russia, as well as in Siberia, Urals and Far East since December 2005.

According to British market research company IHS Screen Digest, Tricolor TV is the most popular Pay TV operator in Eastern Europe, ranks first in Europe for the pace of growth of subscriber base over the past four years and is one of the three world leaders, along with the Indian operators Dish TV and Sun Direct.

By the end of March 2012 the company's subscriber base exceeded 11 million households, while the number of paying subscribers of Tricolor TV was about 7.7 million. The operator’s viewership has approached 30 million people, meaning that one fifth of the country’s inhabitants watch Tricolor TV. According to the research company J'son and Partners, Tricolor TV is the leader of Russia's Pay TV market (39 per cent of subscribers) and the operator's share in the satellite segment is 86 per cent.

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