25 october 2005
GMCS automates Omnilife on the basis of Microsoft Axapta and BOSS-Kadrovik systems
GMCS has completed a project on introduction of Microsoft Axapta and BOSS-Kadrovik systems in the Russian subsidiary of Omnilife, one of the top Mexican companies. 

In the course of the project Microsoft Axapta and BOSS-Kadrovik were integrated together in part of financial data transfer and into existing IT infrastructure of Omnilife Group. 

The project was launched in this February just as Omnilife started its operations in the Russian market, so business processes simulation was conducted in real activity mode in Microsoft Axapta and BOSS-Kadrovik systems. 

"When work starts, it is not always possible to estimate whether a company's business processes are set up optimally – one needs time for it. That is why it was to a great advantage that Axapta and BOSS-Kadrovik, notwithstanding that their great potential were simple to reconfigure," says Israel Reyes, Head of IT Department for Omnilife Russia. 

On the basis of the two systems a unified information environment was created covering such tasks as financial and fiscal accounting, HR management, wages calculation and unified corporate accounting. "Beside standard requirements for financial and fiscal accounting, a corporate (as per US GAAP standards) and management accounting tasks are very important for us, the said being necessary for monitoring and management of the company's activities. Moreover, we are a young company and we cannot afford a huge financial staff, so one of the main tasks for GMCS' consultants was to set up the system in a manner excluding double information input and enabling to operatively generate necessary reports and statements," says Irina Gerasimova, Chief Accountant for Omnilife Russia. 

Presently the both systems are run in real time mode. The nearest plans of the project involve development of the system, for the purpose of stimulation and supporting of the development of Omnilife's business in Russia. 

About Omnilife

Omnilife is the Russian representative office of one of the largest international companies which was considered the most quickly developing company in the Latin America. This year is the thirteenth year in the Company's record. Omnilife Group carries on their activities in 17 countries of the world, with Omnilife HQ's located in Mexico. Omnilife focuses on manufacture of food additives (vitamin-mineral complexes), cosmetics, and holds other businesses. 

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