9 september 2010
GMCS automates OTIS with Infor ERP LN
OTIS and GMCS completed Infor ERP LN deployment at OTIS factory in Saint Petersburg.

The new ERP system enables OTIS to streamline processes in production, purchasing and sales as well as warehousing and financial management. To bring Russian business in compliance with its unified corporate standards across Europe, OTIS planned to automate its Saint Petersburg factory using Infor ERP LN, the company's worldwide standard system across all production facilities. A reference design of an OTIS factory in France based on Infor ERP LN was used as a prototype model for the Russian production site.

OTIS decided to deploy the latest version of Infor ERP LN in Russia. The solution automizes manufacturing, purchasing, sales, warehousing and accounting, including accounts payable to financing organizations, manufacturing accounting and inventory accounting according to both Russian accounting standards and GAAP.

To launch the project in Saint Petersburg, OTIS called in a joint project group. Besides experts from GMCS, an Infor partner with profound industry expertise and experience in delivering international projects based on Infor ERP LN, the project team included representatives of three OTIS departments, Infor France consultants and managers as well as experts from CSC, a French company supporting technical infrastructure at the European OTIS manufacturing facilities.

Infor ERP LN went live in July 2010. The system serves all departments involved in manufacturing and the logistics chain of the Saint Petersburg factory and offers an unmatched level of manufacturing process automation. For example, a single planning and dispatching executive is now able to generate the documentation for an average of 1500 orders per day. Once this data is sent to Infor ERP LN, the system processes orders automatically, accounts for required materials, workforce and new products, and posts transactions to all involved accounts.

Together with GMCS, OTIS now plans to deploy an additional system module, Product Configurator, at its Saint Petersburg factory. Following the corporate strategy to replicate the prototype of the newly deployed system in Saint Petersburg to other OTIS factories in Russia and Ukraine, the next step will be to implement Infor ERP LN at the OTIS service center in Moscow.

"The project team demonstrated high qualifications, ability to adapt quickly to new requirements raised in the course of system design and to implement these requirements. It is noteworthy that consultants were able to provide fast-paced user support during preparation for the production launch and immediately after it," said Olga Kamenskaya, project manager, OTIS. "I trust that we will achieve all project goals."

"Even though we have already worked on a number of joint international projects, the OTIS deployment helped us gain invaluable experience by closely cooperating with Western managers and consultants," said Lyudmila Sokolskaya, director of Infor Solutions Department, GMCS. "Thanks to this fruitful cooperation, we were able to deploy a highly automated system adjusted to the unique needs of a manufacturing facility."

"Infor ERP LN is designed to increase user productivity at OTIS. With Infor ERP LN, we wanted to ensure that the system is easy to use and that it makes routine operations easy and efficient," said Dmitry Martynov, channel manager Russia and CIS, Infor. "Flexible adjustment of business process steps helps minimize the amount of manual work and reduce the number of steps in business processes. The joint project team successfully deployed Infor ERP LN and demonstrated its high efficiency."

About OTIS

OTIS is the world's largest company in the manufacture installation and service of elevators, escalators and moving walkways. With headquarters in Farmington, CT, the company has over 63 thousand employees, offers its products and services in more than 200 countries and maintains over 1.6 million elevators and escalators worldwide. OTIS is a subsidiary of UTC (United Technologies Corp), a transnational corporation headquartered in Hartford, CT. UTC is an integrated supplier of high-technology products and services for construction and aerospace industries. In Russia, OTIS market share in new equipment sales is 27%, approximately 15% of elevators all over Russia in OTIS service OTIS has three manufacturing facilities in Russia.

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