1 december 2005
GMCS completes an Oracle CRM based solution in Kazakhtelecom
GMCS is completing service module replication project on the basis of Oracle CRM software for Kazakhtelecom, a top Kazakhstan's telecommunications operator. 

By now disembodied data are deleted, two-way integration of Oracle CRM with the company's billing system is achieved and unified information resource which accumulates client information obtained via various interaction channels, and business processes are optimized focused onto effective client relations management and covering all company's departments. The company's call-center operates as a fully functional client support center, able to process a great volumes of information and provide statistic data. 

According to Marat Abdilbekov, IT Executive Director of Kazakhtelecom, "Introduction of CRM system is a necessary stage in preparation of our company for liberalization of the Kazakhstan's telecommunication market. Presently top managers of Kazakhtelecom place high emphasis on building client -oriented business processes. CRM system to be introduced by GMCS' specialists will become both a efficient tool for developing mutually beneficial relations with clients and a part of a strategy aimed at preserving leading positions of Kazakhtelecom in the telecommunication market of our country."

An Oracle CRM solution, where an operator center was used as a client communication channel, was already commercialized in a metropolitan branch of GCT Astanatelecom company. Presently the solution is in commercial operation in 8 branches of the company, with other 9 branches of Kazakhtelecom to be equipped with this functionality before end of Quarter 1, 2006. Thus, early next year Kazakhtelecom's subscribers which dial the company's call center will be able to obtain complete and accurate help information in answer for their enquiries.

About Kazakhtelecom

Kazakhtelecom is a top Kazakhstan's telecommunication operator offering the whole range of telecommunication services. The central office of the company is located in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The company has over 33,000 employees. Kazakhtelecom has its regional business units in each region of the country, guaranteeing provision of telecommunication services throughout the territory of the Kazakhstan Republic. In capacity of an international operator, the company closely cooperates with 154 far abroad operators and 23 operators in CIS and Baltic states, thus providing communication with 230 countries of the world.

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