13 march 2007
GMCS completes automation project at PeterStar
GMCS has completed the implementation of GMCS Telecom, the company's own Microsoft Dynamics AX-based solution for automating the accounting system at PeterStar.

The project focused on key areas of the company's financial accounting system such as tax register calculation module, composite function of cash budget maintenance, the mechanism for generating extended operative records across the system modules and financial report preparation in accordance with Russian and IAS charts of accounts in strict compliance with the regulatory requirements specified for telecoms. The project's model was also used for automating Peter-Star's Murmansk-based branch.

Following completion of the 6-month project, the client's capability related to preparation of aggregate reporting has considerably improved in terms of quality and speed. Data reliability and data analysis possibilities were also enhanced.

Tatiana Agroskina, Peter-Star's chief accountant made the following comments on the choice of GMCS as the contractor: "We never had reasons to regret our choice. With GMCS, we were able to achieve the primary goal, completing all the tasks in time and with good quality. The assigned GMCS team was operating on its own, they hardly ever used any of our resources."

Aleksander Fedotov, Peter-Star's IT Director, says: "GMCS people are much more than just consultants. They are project implementation professionals with extensive experience in the telecom industry. To a great deal, the project's success was due to the high degree of mutual understanding and smooth communication between the teams. That's why we intend to launch follow-up projects to automate our branches and address other enterprise resource management issues."

About PeterStar

PeterStar, one of the leaders on the telecom market in North-Western Russia, provides telephony, Internet access and data transfer services. With over 100,000 land lines in service, the company' share on the business-telephony services market (among alternative telecom services providers) is estimated at some 60%. The company operates offices in Moscow, Murmansk, Novgorod, Kaliningrad, Petrozavodsk and Vyborg, providing telecom services based on modern digital technology. The list of Peter-Star's customers includes such well-known organizations as Sberbank, VTB, Grand Hotel Europe, and Radisson SAS.
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