2 september 2005
GMCS completes BOSS-Kadrovik project for a federal telecom operator
GMCS has completed a personnel inventory and payroll accounting automation project for TransTeleCom Company, a leading federal operator, on the basis of BOSS-Kadrovik system.

The project goal was to create a common database with centralized decision-making support for TransTeleCom Company (Moscow) and its St. Petersburg division, HR management automation, development of extra reports, and bringing order forms to conformity with enterprise requirements. 

Within the project the following tasks were solved: successful integration of BOSS-Kadrovik and Microsoft Axapta systems; a number of HR-related business processes were modified; automatic salary and bonus calculation added depending on a category introduced; some algorithms for calculation of accrual and deduction types were modified and added; formation of mutual payments was automated. 

The system enabled to unite such HR management sectors earlier disembodied as 'HR inventory' and 'payroll calculation'. In the process of introduction information was imported from Intertrust and Inotek software, sparing the customer from repeated entry of main data into the system. 

Beside the Moscow office, the company's division in St. Petersburg was automated and included in the common database, as its HR specialists operate remotely with a Moscow located server via TransTeleCom Company's corporate from a terminal server. 

The whole BOSS-Kadrovik's introduction cycle took 4 months. 

About TransTeleCom Company 

TransTeleCom Company was incorporated in 1997. Its sole shareholder is RZhD owning a 100% share in TransTeleCom's authorized capital. Today TransTeleCom Company is a dynamically growing business successively expanding its range of innovative telecommunication services, promptly reacting to ever-growing market needs. Judging by level of revenues from sales of telecommunication services, the company is in the top three of leading alternative fixed telecommunications cooperators and is a backbone operator in the Russian telecommunications market.
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