21 february 2005
GMCS completes Microsoft Axapta based warehouse automation project for KPD Group
Key tasks of the project were, in the first line, to create an effective warehouse management system, which implements the whole range of existing logistics procedures and, secondly, to create a GMCS' industry-specific solution for warehouse complexes based on Microsoft Axapta. 

KPD Group is a major provider of logistics services in the Central Region. The company has one of the Russia's largest class A commercial refrigerating complexes. The company's mandatory requirement for successful work is the use of a modern automation system for all warehouse processes. "By end of 2006 we plan to build a logistics depot with universal (both by storage temperature and service level) conditions for providing services to any large manufacturing or commercial business. Hereby, a range of services (including information support) to be provided to all clients will meet all most modern requirements. The project is still a unique one in Russia. Having a great experience in warehouse management and distribution, we know that high-quality management of clients' stock inventory is possible if the company uses all technological 'breakthroughs', including IT field. So the issue of choosing a warehouse program became vitally important already at the stage of warehouse complex design," states Georgy Chistyakov, a member of the Board for KPD Group. 

According to business expansion plans, KPD needed a flexible and scalable software solution, which could both optimize warehouse performance and meet diverse and specific requirements of KPD's clients. Such requirements include being possible to obtain data on stock in storage, commodity flow, product shelf life, etc. Having considered offered implementation schedule and costs, and, of course, price vs. quality ratios, KPD preferred Microsoft Axapta system. The project implementation contract was awarded to GMCS, which has a great experience in introduction and developments of various software products. 

The project reached commercial operation stage in January 2005. GMCS' proprietary solution for the KPD's warehouse complex covers the whole range of logistics operations including warehouse service billing, and enables to optimize commodity arrangement in the storage area, improve order collection accuracy, reduce batching and shipment time, reduce operating costs for commodity acceptance and their transport over the storage area; conduct accounting of equipment operation time and personnel working hours, obtain operative reports on availability and flow of stock in storage. 

KPD positively assesses the project's results: "Owing to intensive and, say, venturous, work of GMCS' specialists, we got the main system modules ready for commercial operation already in four months from the project launch. Thanks to GMCS' consultants being able to see deep in details of our business, we can be confident of positive results in solution of other logistics tasks. Considering functionality of the solution developed we see great prospects for further development of the project ," G. Chistyakov told. 

The following steps along the projects' expansion lie in integration with identification systems, since all necessary developments therefore are available: the solution supports visualization tools and proximity identification technologies (RFID, bar coding, and scenario generation). Plans of KPD include migration of the system for technical support by GMCS and integrated automation of the company group on the basis of Microsoft Axapta system. 

Presently Microsoft Axapta-based GMCS' industry specific solution for warehouses complexes, GMCS Cargo Terminal, is being registered with Microsoft Corp.

About KPD Group

KPD Group provides safe custody services at one of the Russia's largest class A warehouse refrigerating complexes, and container transport and forwarding services. KPD Terminal refrigerating warehouse, a member of KPD Group, has 13,000 pallet places and two temperature control storage areas. The Group is awarded a McDonald`s Honorary Diploma "Opening to Europe" and meets the most stringent requirements imposed on business in this market segment.
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