6 june 2007
GMCS continues implementation of the project for RIA Novosti Federal state unitary enterprise
The Russian News and Information Agency RIA Novosti develops the information system for business management based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. GMCS company is the partner for implementation of this project.

Up to this time, the joint team of specialists from RIA Novosti and GMCS consultants has developed the conceptual IT solution for upgrading the methodology of financial, taxation and managerial accounting at the agency. The proposed range of non-traditional methodological and software solutions will allow to implement the principles of separate accounting of expenses and VAT, and to enable accounting of multi-currency operations, including accounting of government funding facilities.

Besides, basing on the specialized solution – GMCS Reporting universal system for creating reports, the project team specialists have developed the principles for automatic filling the tax registers and tax returns for the current period, and for obtaining data necessary for adjusting taxation calculations of the previous periods.

"We have chosen GMCS for this project primarily because this company managed to demonstrate successful projects implemented in various market segments on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX product adapted for Russian accounting system, –  said Nikolay Biriukov, RIA Novosti Director General. – Our practice of communicating with GMCS gives confidence that the project will be implemented with high quality and within the specified time limits. As the result we expect to obtain the up-to-date accounting and financial management system compliant with international requirements, which shall become a component ensuring successful activity of the enterprise."

In the nearest future, besides financial accounting, the system will also perform the functions of managerial accounting using common information base, in particular:

  • maintaining the budget of funds flow and the budget of incomes and expenditures;
  • maintaining contracts;
  • maintaining schedules of payments and accruals by project, by financial responsibility center, by source of funding and by budget item.

Putting the system into operation is planned in early July, 2007.

About RIA Novosti

The Russian News and Information Agency RIA Novosti is one of the most reputable and professional sources of current information in Russia and abroad. The agency owns a wide network of reporters at the territory of Russian Federation, CIS and in more than 40 other countries of the world. Among customers of RIA Novosti are: Administration of the President and the Russian Government, the Federation Council and State Duma, the leading Ministries and Agencies, Administrations of constituent entities of the Federation, representatives of Russian and foreign business communities, diplomatic missions and non-governmental organizations.

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