3 april 2013
GMCS has implemented the SAP solution on the 7th plant of Roca Group in Russia
GMCS and Aquaton reported about the launch of a single corporate enterprise management solutions based on SAP ERP.

The producer received a confident business tool, allowing to manage more effectively the processes of production, finance, sales and logistics, as well as providing strong support in the achievement of strategic plans for the company.

Aquaton carries the entire production cycle of bathroom furniture from the design models to their assembly. The company has over 15% of the Russian market. The two plants of Aquaton, located 100 kilometers east of Moscow in the village Davydovo Orekhovo-Zuyevo district, employs over 500 people. In spring 2011, the company Aquaton became part of the international holding Roca Group. In terms of corporate governance there is a need to implement solutions SAP ERP, which are a common standard across all group companies.

For GMCS it is the fourth project in cooperation with the Roca Group in Russia, which began in 2008. For several years, GMCS projects carried out projects on the five factories of the holding Roca Rus (Tosno, Leningrad region), UgraKeram (Vorotynsk, Kaluga region) and Keramika (Cheboksary and Cheboksary, Chuvashia). As Kyra Burma noted, Deputy Director of SAP Department, the company GMCS: "The holding Roca has no model solutions for the furniture production, what the Aquaton exactly carries on. Therefore, unlike previous projects, we in close cooperation with the Aquaton' specialists thought over from scratch and develop architecture solutions for the client."

"In this project, we were able to implement accumulated ideas and approaches to the management of production in the system – and, in fact, for 13 years on the market we collected a lot. GMCS team helped us with this, made ??an interesting proposal to optimize current business processes of our company. Powerful functional of SAP corresponds to the dynamics of our business today. We already feels the impact of the implemented system," commented Yves Racine, Project manager of the Roca Group.

At the Aquaton it was implemented the following functionality of SAP ERP: control of the production cycle, beginning with production planning and ending with finished products, logistics - materials management, purchasing, sales. Also as part of the implemented solution the processes of financial accounting were automated (accounting, tax, management accounting), it became possible to calculate the cost of production and controlling. For short-term production planning problems SAP ERP was integrated with 1C accounting system used in Aquaton.

About Aquaton

Aquaton is the leading Russian manufacturer of bathroom fittings and accessories. "The Brand #1 in Russia" for the fourth time in the last four years.Aquaton takes control over the entire production cycle of baths, toilets, mixer units and other bathroom fittings – from their design to the final assembly.

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