17 november 2011
GMCS has launched an automated HR management system in TVSZ
GMCS and Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ) have completed the project of creating an automated HR management system of the plant based on BOSS-Kadrovik.

The automated HRM-system has been implemented for the purpose of creating a stable and solid basis for the processes of HR management and supporting the uniform HR policy of the plant. The positive practice of automating HR processes at large-scale industrial plants was pivotal when selecting GMCS as the contractor of the implemented project.

"It has already been a year since we started active recruitment of the production personnel, training, re-training and professional development of which were arranged on the basis of our corporate training centre," says Marina Minko, HR Director of Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant. "Our main goals included preparation of a new system for the performance of a considerable amount of calculations, mainly the plant employees' payroll calculations, including the performance of HR managerial functions."

At present, the automated HR management system of TVSZ is in industrial operation and is used for managing the schedule of positions and salaries, payroll calculations, preparations of HR reports and statements. BOSS-Kadrovik was used as a basis for the automation of such important HR management procedures as planning the salary budget, bonus calculations, staff recruitment and training. Within the framework of the project, GMCS and IPL Consulting joined their efforts to perform integration of BOSS-Kadrovik with Infor ERP LN system implemented at TVSZ.

"Building an HR management system at a contemporary plant is already an offbeat objective; proving the tight deadlines set by the customer, it already requires a particularly thorough coordination of actions," notes Oleg Kotov, Director of the Department of Automated HR Management of GMCS. "When solving the project objectives, we used our industry-specific experience and best practices of theprojects at such industrial plants as Stora Enso Packaging, Regional Electricity Company MiG, KNAUF."

About TVSZ

Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant is considered to be one of the most large-scale objects in the European machine building industry on the amount of investment, production facilities and high-technology capacity. The plant is located in the town of Tikhvin in Leningrad Region. The Enterprise is a full technological cycle present-day production of the new generation freight cars, which possess enhanced operational characteristics.

The project is being carried out with the assistance of one of the major Russian investment and industrial holding companies, the ICT Group of Companies. The construction and engineering support are executed by the Russian engineering company ICM, a Joint Venture of the Group and BARAN Group engineering holding company (Israel). The total volume of capital costs assigned for the construction of Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant exceeds USD 1 bln.On 30 January Prime Minister Vladimir Putin launched Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant production.

United Wagon Company, under the auspices of ICT Group shareholders, has assumed strategic management over Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant.
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