5 june 2006
GMCS has launched BOSS-Kadrovik personnel management system in MiG Corp.
GMCS has launched a project on implementation of BOSS-Kadrovik personnel management system in FGUP Russian Aircraft Engineering Corporation MiG (RSK MiG), one of the leading Russian planemaker companies.

The project involves full scale implementation of BOSS-Kadrovik system at all sites of RSK MiG. BOSS-Kadrovik system meets most fully the needs of any aircraft engineering company and accounts for specifics of Russian employment laws. GMCS was awarded this contract thanks to the fact that it has a vast experience in BOSS-Kadrovik implementation and because of successful cooperation with RSK MiG under SSA ERP (Baan) system implementation project.

The Project involves establishment of a centralized personnel and wages accounting system throughout all RSK MiG's six production sites. The first Project milestone is development of a personnel and wages accounting model within BOSS-Kadrovik system on the basis of two production sites. During the following Project phase a proven solution will be replicated in the remaining production sites of RSK MiG.

One of the Project's inherent features is integration of BOSS-Kadrovik with SSA ERP (Baan) system already deployed at this enterprise. This integration will be implemented with help of the GMCS' proprietary solution. The Project's estimated duration is one year.

About Russian Aircraft Engineering Corporation MiG

Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FGUP) Russian Aircraft Engineering Corporation MiG was the first national manufacturer of aircraft engineering products which united, within an integrated legal structure, profile entities, providing all components of a lifecycle for airborne vehicles manufactured, starting from concept development, schematic design and detailed engineering, building and testing of preproduction models and up to marketing, serial production and aftersales support service during operation, and training of cockpit and maintenance personnel. 

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