14 september 2010
GMCS implements a corporate information system at FSUE Rosmorport
GMCS announces the completion of the first stage of deployment of the corporate information system at FSUE Rosmorport. 

The goal of the project is to boost the efficiency of the financial and economic management of the company and has a strategic significance for Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosmorport. A comprehensive solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning will cover the following key areas: budgeting, financial and tax accounting, management accounting, port charges accounting, payroll accounting and personnel accounting.

In the conditions of the oncoming corporatization procedure, the uniform corporate information system will be especially significant and strategically important for Rosmorport. The system will provide maximum transparency and promptness of information and consolidated reporting submitted to the financial management and other structures.

The first stage of the project implementation – development of the techniques for budgeting and separate accounting of revenues and expenses – was made by GMCS together with the Rosmorport specialists. Planning and accounting of revenues and expenses broken down by types of activities and ports became one of the key aspects of the new technique. All in all, the developed budgeting model includes more than 20 key analytical sections based on which planning will be performed, and actual data for the budget implementation control will be collected. Design of the program of activities for Rosmorport according to the new budgeting model will be the final stage of the budgeting project.

Rosmorport chose a comprehensive solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning as platform for automation because according to the company's representatives this solution to the fullest extent meets the existing requirements. Specifically, the decisive factor was the positive practice of the system implementation in the large geographically-distributed companies and the optimal balance with respect to such criteria as efficiency and flexibility. Based on the results of the conducted competitive tender, GMCS was selected as a partner for the project implementation having in their portfolio several successfully implemented projects based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning.

In parallel with the development of the new techniques, the project team specialists designed the system that was completed in November 2009. In order to minimize project management risks and ensure sustainable operation of the system, it was decided to put the system into operation step by step. Following the developed strategy, some independent subsystems were provided: accounting of fixed assets and intangible assets, budgeting, bookkeeping and tax accounting, statistical reporting, payroll and human resources accounting, and port charges accounting.

Since February 2010, the stepwise implementation of the system has been in progress in the Central Administrative Office and in all Rosmorport branches located in 16 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The number of corporate information system users will exceed 400 people and will continue to grow.

About FSUE Rosmorport

FSUE Rosmorport is one of the largest infrastructure companies in Russia. The company’s staff is 4,600 employees working in 16 Russian regions. The Company operates in the Russian ports and manages the world’s largest icebreaker fleet. The Company facilitates the development of the Russian sea transport infrastructure and the improvement of the competitiveness of the Russian seaports through their efficient operation, maintenance and development of the federal property assigned to the Company in the sea ports; provides services to ensure safe navigation in water area of the seaports and port approaches; and develops a comprehensive program of environmental safety of the seaport infrastructure facilities. FSUE Rosmorport actively participates in the implementation of the federal target programs for the development of maritime transport of the Russian Federation.
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