26 february 2004
GMCS implements a large-scale project for introduction of Baan ERP system at FGUP Mining and Chemical Industrial Complex
Baan ERP project has been implemented at the Complex and involves full scale introduction of all main subsystems. 

Introduction of "Baan - Finance", "Baan - Sales, Purchases, Warehouses", "Baan - Production" and "Baan - Planning" functional modules will result in automation of main enterprise business processes covering over 400 users of the future system, namely, purchase management; storage and turnover of commodities and valuables; management of settlements with suppliers and clients; cash flow accounting; materials management; planning and monitoring of financial and economical activities; bookkeeping; main and auxiliary production management; ready goods sales management. 

Full scale launch of the system for commercial operation is scheduled for Quarter 2, 2005. 

About Mining and Chemical Industrial Complex

FGUP Mining and Chemical Industrial Complex (GHK) is a part of the RF Ministry of Atomic Energy's industry network. At this moment main types of GHK's activities are manufacture of monocrystallic and semiconducting silicium, burial of irradiated fuel, production of heat and electric power for city of Zheleznogorsk.
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