9 april 2013
GMCS is preparing a mobile application "Electronic Form" for complex products

GMCS started to develop mobile applications for tablets, intended for publication and collection of data on complex products (aviation, marine and rail transport).

This application will allow producers to organize and automate the formation, provision and upd ate of the electronic version of the product form. For the user, the application automates the management of relevant product information: access to information about the product and its resources, the registration of use, replacement units, failures and deviations in the product and its components.

Mobile application development is carried out in the framework of the development of GMCS practice in the automation of complex technology aftersales service. The data source for a mobile application prototype was ERP system - Oracle E-Business Suite, including specialized MRO solution - Oracle cMRO (Oracle Complex Maintenance Repair and Overhaul). PLM, MRO and ERP systems from other vendors can be used as the data source. The source choice depends on the customer's IT architecture. After the data processing, the application creates a file that can be se t with the standard options for the mobile device. For the prototype application, it was chosen a mobile platform Android as the most common and available for devices in a secure execution.

"We have developed the mobile application to meet the requirements of the aircraft market, the requirements of the Russian and international standards in the development of electronic documents, software development and information security," says Anton Vaganov, Director of Oracle Products Department, GMCS. "Today, we have accumulated all the experience in MRO automation and development of mobile applications, and formed our own competence center, which now participates in the creation of a mobile application e-form."

The main functions of the prototype "Electronic Form": product configuration management (hierarchical view of aircraft, information about the product and its features, advanced search, formation of notes) to create and display the comments in the component work, MRO plans, registration of operating time and user rights management.

"We plan to complete the prototype development this summer and in the fall we will be able to start developing new applications for our partners," adds Anton Vaganov.

As a prospective direction for mobile applications GMCS sees opportunities to read the data from on-board recording devices, determining the position of the aircraft on the ground and in space, move the record with reference to maps, GPS, GLONASS or aircraft navigation equipment, the formation of a mobile application for logistics support.

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