22 november 2005
GMCS & LANIT's strategic alliance to promote SSA ERP LN System
GMCS and LANIT, Russian companies, have concluded a strategic agreement intending to promote, introduce and support SSA ERP LN (Baan v. 6) system in Russia, CIS and Baltic states.

Both GMCS and LANIT, acting on their own, have already concluded direct partnership agreements with SSA Global earlier in this year. Now these companies have agreed to pool up their efforts: according to the agreement made, GMCS and LANIT proceed to joint work which will be focused on informing the market on products, partners, supporting each other's business reputation, complying to a unified price list, no damping, SSA ERP LN sales and implementation support, etc. 

The agreement concluded means entering a new level of relationship between the companies, which possess both a solid cooperation record and a lot of common on the business process level. GMCS and LANIT plan to set up a unified SSA ERP LN 6.1 Competence Center which will unite industrial expertise of the both companies. 

Baan is a system well known in the Russian market of information systems. Baan software is one of the leading corporate management systems for large and midsized industrial companies: it is in use by over 130.0000 customers in 90 countries of the world. After Baan Co. was acquired by SSA Global, Baan system changed its name and now it is called SSA ERP. In 2004 version 6 of this product was published and presently it is successfully introduced all over the world.

Today GMCS' specialists are localizing a new version of SSA ERP LN: localization involves translation of interfaces, help files and adapting the system to the Russian law system. The first localized SSA ERP LN version was published was published in October 2005 and given to some Russian partners for installation and operation. LANIT's engineers take part in tests of the localized version of SSA ERP LN. LANIT has also developed and installed at a number of enterprises an optional Personnel Management module developed in Baan environment and fully integrated in the system's standard functionality. At present work is conducted aimed at migrating this module to SSA ERP LN

There are two Russian companies which already estimated advantages of the new system for their businesses and made first contracts: LANIT is through introduction of the new system's version at the V. V. Chernyshev's Moscow Machine-building Enterprise, while GMCS is running a project for migration from the previous system's version at the Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Plant. 

This event is highly estimated by Mr. Igor Dubrovo, General Director for LANIT. "Developing economies in Russia and CIS states result in growing needs for integrated ERP management systems in a lot of manufacturing enterprises of a machine building, aircraft engineering, defense industry, and in other industries, such systems enabling to optimally automate the very manufacture types. Presently we can ascertain a great demand for such system as SSA ERP LN. A strategic alliance concluded between LANIT and GMCS is a significant event not only for our two companies; the alliance is aimed at creating conditions for efficient promotion within the Russian market of SSA ERP LN, a new version of well-known Baan product."

As Mr. Sergey Sulgin, General Director for GMCS, says, "The agreement signed is meaningful for existing and potential Russian clients for Baan system. The two major distributing companies, acting with direct support of SSA Global's manufacturer, unite their experience and assume a task of shaping and stabilizing the Russian market for SSA ERP LN system. The agreement concluded enables us to conduct consistent and systematic work along this line." 

Matthias Wurzenreiner, SSA Global's Regional Manager for Eastern Europe comments on this event: "We are very glad that a strong and monolithic company appeared in the Russian market able to promote SSA ERP LN. From our side we will provide support to this strategic alliance as we are sure in high professional skills of the both companies."


LANIT (LAboratory of New Information Technologies) is the largest Russian company operating in the IT market since 1989. Its main activities are distributions, system integration, training of IT specialists. Spectrum of LANIT's offers covers all lines of IT services - from consulting and re-engineering of customer's business processes and to firmware supply and specialist training. 

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