21 march 2005
GMCS launches a Microsoft Axapta & BOSS-Kadrovik automation project for one of the top mexican companies
Work under the project for Omnilife, a Mexican company, was started in February 2005. 

GMCS plans to automate (on the basis of Microsoft Axapta system) management, financial and fiscal accounting tasks of the Russian representative office of Omnilife and the process of generation of corporate reports and statements for Omnilife's HQs in Mexico. HR accounting and payroll calculation are performed on the based of BOSS-Kadrovik system which GMCS plans to integrated with Microsoft Axapta for financial data transfer. Estimated project duration is 4 months. 

About Omnilife

Omnilife is the Russian representative office of one of the largest international companies which was considered the most quickly developing company in the Latin America. This year is the thirteenth year in the Company's record Omnilife Group carries on their activities in 17 countries of the world, with Omnilife HQ's located in Mexico.
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