24 january 2002
GMCS launches commercial operation of Baan ERP at Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Complex
GMCS has launched commercial operation of the Baan-Finance subsystem and conducted pilot operation tests of the Baan – Sales, Purchases, Warehouses subsystem at Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Complex (FGUP AECC).

Baan-Finance subsystem operates in commercial operation mode, employing about one hundred specialists in Accounting, Sales, Purchases, Information Systems & IT, Planning and Economical, and Financial departments. 

Starting with 1999, under the Baan ERP project GMCS performed the following work: predesign survey with identification of peculiar features of financial and logistics accounting at the company; system simulation and setup; development of 2002 charter of accounts with a new conversion concept and complete reference guide of admissible customer account correspondences; training of key and final users in system operation; development of operative records according to modified accounting methods; setup of mandatory fiscal accounts; development of fiscal accounting methods and adjustment of flow sheets for fiscal account generation. 

Main objective initially set by the AECC's management for Baan ERP introduction project was implemented on schedule and with minimum expenses. 


FGUP AECC is the enterprise, a part of the RF Ministry of Atomic Energy. AECC has a many-year experience in production and enrichment of uranium for manufacture of fuel used at nuclear power plants. AECC has been acting for many years at the global market of chemical products in successful cooperation with many countries of Europe and Asia.
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