4 july 2005
GMCS launching a project to build a SAP BW analytical system for Xerox Eurasia
GMCS proceeds to a project for building an information analytical system based on SAP BW in XEROX Eurasia.

The main project objective is to improve performance of the planning and Financial Division of the company as to analysis of financial results and preparation of corporate reports and statements. 

Strategic goal of the project is to build a financial data storage, which will become a basis for further development of analytic capabilities of the system. SAP BW solution offered by GMCS' consultants will unite data from various operating systems, provide unified analytical toolkit helping to automate preparation of corporate reports and statements for system's users. 

It was decided to implement the project by joint efforts of GMCS' consultants and IT department of XEROX Eurasia. One of the main tasks for GMCS' consultants will be sharing business analysis experience with IT specialists of XEROX Eurasia. 

In order to sel ect a project contractor, XEROX Eurasia considered alternative offers from a number of IT companies known in the market. Specialists of Business Intelligence division of GMCS' SAP Department showed vast knowledge and experience both in the field of analysis systems and corporate reports and statements on the basis of data storages, and in the field of solving SAP Portal business planning and introduction tasks, which are promising fr om the viewpoint of further strategic development of the system. 

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