22 december 2005
GMCS occupied with implementation of SSA ERP (Baan) based project in the Research & Production Corporation IRKUT
GMCS implements a project for deploying the Russian Fixed Assets module of a SSA ERP (Baan IV), a corporate enterprise management system, in Research & Production Corporation IRKUT (NPK IRKUT), a top Russian civil and military aircraft engineering manufacturer. 

Under the project, GMCS' specialists introduce the Russian fixed assets module and adapt it to original version of Baan IV A&D installed at the corporation. 

The project's objectives include automation of financial an d fiscal accounting of fixed assets according to requirements of the Russian laws based on elementary functionality of the Russian Fixed Assets module. Besides, this module will be integrated with the General Ledger module of IRKUT corporate information management system. 

The project to be implemented will considerably reduce labor input during preparation of financial statements, ensure that financial information will be obtained in real-time mode and, and greatly improve original document input accuracy and control of financial transactions. Thus, the project implemented will give to IRKUT a flexible tool for management of and control over of a financial; constituent of enterprise business processes. 

The project completion is scheduled for early 2006. 

About IRKUT Corporation

IRKUT Corporation is a vertically integrated holding ensuring civil and military aircraft engineering, manufacture, sales and aftersales service. NPK IRKUT is one of the top associations of the Russian aircraft manufacture complex, possesses developed research and production structure which ensures manufacture of the most modern aircraft vehicles and equipment. IRKUT Corporation was established in 2000, uniting a number of the leading Russian aircraft manufacturers and developers, namely, Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association (presently known as Irkutsk Aircraft Works), G. M. Beriev's TANTK, BetaIr, OKB Russian Avionics, and ITELA.

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