23 june 2014
GMCS offers retailers a solution for loyalty management

Company GMCS, a subsidiary of MAYKOR, offers retailers a solution for advanced management of loyalty programs and marketing campaigns based on the platform Microsoft Dynamics for Retail. The solution allows to manage effectively any loyalty programs, and quickly set up and run the work of the most complex and diverse marketing campaigns.

Centralized management of special promotions, discounts and loyalty programs in the retail network, reduced time of starting promo offers, tracking effectiveness of their execution, ability of the system of loyalty management to work in the stores even in the absence of connection with the head office's server - these are the key advantages of the proposed solutions GMCS.

In addition, the marketing team got an instrument that allows configuring different types of marketing campaigns - one-time and long-term and creating loyalty schemes without an IT department. This is achieved by using parametric settings in the system without programming during creating the advertising and marketing campaigns. For these purposes, all marketing personnel have tools such as visual designer of loyalty programs and marketing campaigns, with the function of modeling and testing prior to launch, as well as the ability to customize rules on sharing of campaigns and loyalty programs. Special functionality allows to calculate the efficiency of the campaign in comparison with the average check before its start, based on the current loyalty programs and other ongoing campaigns at this time. OLAP-tools provides ability to analyze data on the use of loyalty cards, evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns and take the necessary actions to improve them.

The solution supports the main types of campaigns (discount on product, differentiated discount, discount "ladder", quantity discount, coupons, gift cards, certificates, etc.) and loyalty programs (bonus, cumulated discount, etc.). One card can simultaneously maintain several different loyalty programs. There is a possibility of integration with external loyalty programs.

Marketing specialist can see the purchase history of each customer in the "single window", manage his profile, generate mailing lists (e-mail, sms), using pre-configured filters. And also it is possible to set rules for calculating and activation points, manage their period of validity, etc.

"Management of marketing campaigns and loyalty programs can bring substantial additional profit for retailer. The GMCS solution improves management of front office and reduces the cycle of launching a new marketing campaign, or, for example, to simplify the transition to the new loyalty program. Microsoft Dynamics platform’s flexibility and availability of specialized functionality for retailers, greatly enhanced and further developed by us, is an added bonus. But the main thing is that the retailer receives a reliable tool in the fight for customer loyalty, which allows to get real results at a relatively low cost of introduction and support within a short time," said Sergey Osipov, director of special projects of GMCS.

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