5 october 1999
GMCS participated in Baan ERP introduction project in Varieganneft
Baan ERP introduction project was launched at Varieganneft in April 1999.

The project's main objective was to optimize finance and material flow management in the company and convert finance, purchases, warehouse and sales accounting to a common integrated system.

The project was performed by Alpha Integrator, Baan Eurasia Group, in cooperation with GMCS, which performed adjustment of multi-currency financial accounting and provision of accounting documents according to GAAP standards.

The date for commissioning of Baan IV at the enterprise is formally scheduled for October 1, 1999.

About Varieganneft

Varieganneft is an oil and gas company of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district. The company produces oil and associated gas. Besides, the company carries out equipment workover, transport services, oil refining, provision of equipment, materials and power, oilfield development, organization of catering services at enterprises, social sphere maintenance and development.

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