17 january 2013
GMCS presents CRM-solution for oil and gas industry
Microsoft Corporation registered a specialized CRM-solution of GMCS company for oil and gas industry.

Elaborated on the base of Microsoft Dynamics CRM the solution allows enterprises, including even service companies, to organize and keep effective client services in a single informational environment in the key tasks: service and contract management, client’s data consolidation, storage of the customer relationship history and associated e-document flow.

CRM-solution of GMCS is a convenient business-tool, primarily, to sales offices and technical support offices. The advantage of the solution is the ability to manage the huge amounts of services, consolidate the process of client serving and associated document flow, flexible setting of business-processes of application and documents handling.

Information of contractor, planning and customer relationship history, including request to technical support, are kept in the single company profile. The solution conduct not only a single for company catalogue of services and associated tariff rates, but also information of consumed services in contracts, applications and commercial offers. Application registration and processing connected with services, and registration of application that is basement for new contracts were performed centrally.

Specialists, that use GMCS solution, will always have an actual database of clients and services, a tool to approve contracts, additional treats, payments and reports of completion. The solution also provides ability to send data of billing in accounting system of client’s company. The terms control of payments and other important events is hold with setting the mechanism of electronic notifications.

"Oil and gas industry works with the huge number of suppliers of materials and facilities that are, usually, located in different regions. We have linked the best experience and practices so that our customers in this sphere could get the maximum benefit from using Microsoft Dynamics CRM," said Svetlana Gudkova, CRM-Department Director of GMCS.

"Together with our partners we offer a powerful and convenient industrial tool n the platform Microsoft Dynamics CRM that improves productivity of work with clients, contractors, simplifies contract and service management, allows to get the necessary analytics. CRM-solution of GMCS for oil and gas industry combines essential and relevant functionality in the contemporary conditions," said Oksana Kruglova, CRM Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft in Russia.
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