14 march 2002
GMCS proceeds to introducing Baan ERP at a slate production works in Estonia
Recently GMCS' consultants launched a project for introduction of Baan ERP system at the slate production works of Viru Keemia Group (VKG) in Kohtla Jarve, Estonia.

Within the project, according to approved IAS standards GMCS' specialists will introduce the  following Baan ERP subsystems: "Finance" (settlement with suppliers and customers, cash flow management, general ledger, financial plan, financial and management accounting), "Production" (slate processing and QA), "Sales - Purchases  - Warehouses" (purchases, warehouse accounting, shipment). 

About Viru Keemia Grupp 

Viru Keemia Grupp (VKG) is one the largest industrial associations in Estonia. The main activity of VKG is slate production and processing; annual works processing volume is 1.3 mln. mt of slate ore. Main VKG's products are various grades of fuel oils, oily coke and raisin, total shale phenols, antiseptic wooden penetrating oils and bitumen. Fuel oils and coke go mostly for export, while bitumen is sold in the local market.
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