7 december 2012
GMCS provided a unified enterprise management tool to Roslesinforg

Automated planning and monitoring of production on the basis of IBM Cognos cover more than 3,500 items of work on government contracts, among them, forest, land settlements, protected areas and other area categories.

An automated system of planning and monitoring of production on the basis of complex solutions IBM Cognos was integrated into the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Roslesinforg. The system was deployed by GMCS just in 4 months. Today it covers the corporate center in Moscow, 13 controlling and 22 controlled branches of Roslesinforg. The company received a tool that allows planning operations, controlling the contract performed by the corporate center, keeping a record of contracts signed by subsidiaries, as well as analyzing the key performance indicators.

Roslesinforg has a wide range of services in the field of forest and land management for Russian state and municipal authorities, as well as for businesses and individuals.

"Creation of the enterprise management system has become part of the complex of scientific and innovative projects to improve the quality of work and services provided by our company. The solution proposed by IBM provides rapid access to the information on contract execution status, financial statements and other important data in the context of branches, forestry and etc.," said Alexander Tretyakov, CEO of Roslesinforg.

As it was noted by Eugene Erofeev, Director of BPM Systems Department of GMCS: "Project for Roslesinforg demonstrates the growing interest and demand fr om large companies in a completely different class of solutions. ERP system is not enough to manage the core business and monitor key performance indicators, particularly in within a multi-branch network. The implemented solution for planning and monitoring of production is the result of close cooperation between Roslesinforg and GMCS teams."

The integrated system consists of two modules: IBM Cognos TM1 for manufacturing activity planning and IBM Cognos BI for multidimensional data analysis and analytical reports. Contract planning of the Corporate Center is implemented in view of works, contractors and objects of the forest fund. In this case, there are different ways of calculating the cost of work depending on the activities (land management, state forest inventory).

In order to monitor the pre-contractual work of subsidiaries, the system has mechanisms allowing the corporate center to coordinate the participation of subsidiaries in competitions on various trading platforms, to recommend a particular auction to participate and to keep statistics and analyze the results. Integration with 1C provides the actual data on the contracts.

For analysis of the key performance indicators, specialists of GMCS set up special reports and analytical dashboards. Accordingly, Roslesinforg can promptly in a simple and understandable form receive the information on contract execution status, financial statements, and other relevant information in the context of branches, forest areas, types of work, etc.

Today, about 40 specialists of Roslesinforg work with the system. As Raisa Gourevitch, Deputy General Director for IT, Roslesinforg, noted: "The solution, that we have obtained, commensurates fully with the tasks to be undertaken, and we are pleased with the results. We are able to optimize a number of business processes related to planning and monitoring of business performance, reduce the risk of errors in the calculation and avoid multiple entries of the same data by creating a single repository of information, mechanisms of consolidation and allocation of access rights of users. I would like to mark the professional work of GMCS that provided a high quality of work and implemented the system in a short time. In the near future together with GMCS, we plan to develop the system."

"Changes in legislation tighten the requirements to conduct contracts, wh ere transparency of the interaction comes to the fore. GMCS has the considerable experience in this field, which may be useful not only for the public sector but also for large commercial companies. In addition to contract management and performance monitoring, analysis, it provides an analytics for effective management of procurement, tenders, etc.," added Bella Temirkanov, Project Manager, GMCS.

"When choosing a platform Roslesiforg conducted a serious analysis on the market business intelligence platform. The contractor has taken into consideration not only the leading position of IBM Cognos in research made by the leading research and advisory companies such as Gartner and Forrester, but also the experience in implementation of large-scale BI projects in the state organizations of Russia," noted Alexander Tikhonov, Head of Business Intelligence, IBM in Russia and the CIS.

About Roslesinforg

Roslesinforg, an All-Russian research and production association, was set up as a successor to state forest management enterprises, and specializes in comprehensive solutions of forest inventory and forest management tasks in the interests of the state, offering of full-range of services for forest-based companies. Roslesinforg moves on with a view to organise highly efficient and sustainable forest use in Russia. Roslesinforg is a vertically integrated structure with headquarters in Moscow and 35 branches operating across whole Russia. Total staff as of the end of 2011 was 3456 persons.

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