28 april 2011
GMCS replicates corporate information system of FSUE Rosmorport to its branch offices
GMCS has started the replication of the corporate management information system of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosmorport based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning solutions to the Azovo-Chernomorsky and North-Western basin branch department.

In all the branch offices operating in 16 subjects of the Russian Federation statistical data collection for internal use and for use by external agencies (RosStat). The goal of the running project is to boost the efficiency of the financial and economic management of the company and has a strategic significance for Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosmorport. A complex solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning will cover the following key areas: budgeting, financial and tax accounting, management accounting (in compliance with the separate accounting requirements by the type of activity), port charges accounting, payroll accounting and personnel accounting.

In November 2009 the GMCS company, in its capacity of a partner under the project, completed in collaboration with Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosmorport the development of new budgeting, separate revenue and expense accounting, capital investments budgeting techniques. In compliance with the adopted implementation strategy a pilot model of the system the implementation of which began in February 2010, was created.

In late 2010 pilot projects were launched into experimental industrial production in Moscow and St Petersburg. On January 1, 2011 three more departments of the North-Western basin and the Azovo-Chernomorsky basin branch division department in Novorossiysk began to operate in the corporate system. On April 1, 2011 Taman, Tuapse, Yeysk, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk joined that list.

GMCS is planning to start the replication of the system in the Far East and the North East on July 1, 2011. Upon the replication completion the number of corporate information system users will exceed 400 people and will continue to grow.

"The use of a single corporate management information system will help to boost the efficiency of long-term planning, which is among the priority tasks for our company considering its industry-based specifics. We are already planning our operations and activities for the period of up to 2015, the planning horizon in the strategic outlook is the year 2030. Today the system helps us to obtain real-time management reporting data and exercise effective management of the company resources," says Anna Glazkova, Deputy Director General of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosmorport for Economic, Financial, Accounting, Tax and Statistical Reporting.

About FSUE Rosmorport

FSUE Rosmorport is to contribute into development of the Russian sea transport infrastructure and higher competitiveness of the Russian seaports, by means of effective use, maintenance and development of the assigned federal property in the seaports.
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