14 september 2004
GMCS signed a BOSS-Kadrovik partnership agreement with IT Group
GMCS continues to actively expand its range of implements software products, so that to offer best integrated business automation solutions. 

For that purpose in mid-August 2004 GMCS entered a partnership agreement with IT company (IT Group) for BOSS-Kadrovik system which is the best multi-functional tool enabling to optimize HR management process in large institutions, holding structures and in dynamically growing middle-size companies.

By adding BOSS-Kadrovik in its product, GMCS will be able to offer unified solution both in automation of HR management / payroll calculation functions and in integration of this functionality with ERP systems. 

BOSS-Kadrovik can be integrated with all software products introduced by GMCS: Oracle, SAP, Baan, Axapta, Parus. Presently BOSS-Kadrovik is successfully operated at enterprises holding leading positions in various fields.

"In spite of the fact that HR management and payroll calculation modules in Western ERP systems meet dynamically changing requirements of the Russian laws, BOSS-Kadrovik, if judged by its price/quality ratio within an integrated solution will interest any customer. That is why we offer BOSS-Kadrovik, a leader in the Russian market among HR management and payroll calculation systems and guarantee its integration with ERP systems our company offers," I. Drozman, Head of Consulting Department for GMCS, comments on the novation. 

BOSS-Kadrovik is comprised of three loops: Calculation & Accounting, HR Process Management and HR process analysis. The system provide all users with a common information environment; however, depending on tasks solved and official duties, each user has its own authorization access rights to data and reference data. 

Presently BOSS-Kadrovik system is successfully operated at leading enterprises in various industries: JSB Gazprombank, NK YUKOS, SUAL (incl. Irkutsk Aluminum Works, Nadvoitsky Aluminum Works), RF State Committee of Standards, Irkutskenergo, SIBUR Holding, Baikalsky Pulp and Paper Plant, Uralmash Works, Talosto, Kopeika Trading House, Rosinter Restaurants, etc. 

IT company, one of top national system integrators, provide a full range of services for development of corporate information systems and their maintenance throughout their lifecycle. Main activities of IT are: management and IT consulting, enterprise management automation systems, information system infrastructure, information and technical safety systems, IT and management training, information system support and management.

About IT company

IT was incorporated in 1990. Branches of the company and of its training center operate in 17 largest Russian regions, in the Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Presently the company has over 1,000 employees, including 450 certified specialists. 

IT is a member of IT Group. Beside an IT, a system integrator, IT Group includes such subsidiaries as AVA, IT Academy, Aplana, BOSS.Kadrovye Sistemy, Mobico. All companies of IT Group operate in IT and consulting fields.

BOSS-Kadrovik system, as one of IT's proprietary products, is recognized today as the most perfect HR management tool capable of optimizing HR management process and raise it onto a new qualitative level. Owing to a number of advantages as compared to similar domestic and foreign developments, BOSS-Kadrovik system has a steady dominating position in HR field of IT solution market.

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