15 january 2014
GMCS start cooperation with the MESI

Company GMCS, a member of MAYKOR, began to cooperate with Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI). The objectives of the partnership are to increase skills and education of young people in the IT field, develop innovations and new technologies in the Russian Federation through the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

This initiative will increase the number of qualified personnel in the field of information technology, which the market constantly requires. The basis of cooperation based on the principle of complex interaction that includes training in the Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM on the base of existing programs at the university, including professional training and skills development. Cooperation will be implemented through the development and implementation of various projects and programs, organizing and conducting special events for applicants and students.

"In such a dynamic field as IT there is constant shortage of highly qualified specialists in different directions. That is why work with students and young professionals is an important and perspective direction, which we is actively being developed by our company. We gladly take on graduates not only of capital, but also regional universities, if they meet our requirements, and then teach them. At the end of last year we were at the open day in MESI, communicate with applicants. Now we are actively cooperating with the working group of the university to prepare curriculum, seminars and lectures on Microsoft Dynamics in this new school year. Started collaborating with MESI, we plan to expand cooperation with other universities in the country," said Zalina Pshikhacheva, HR Director of GMCS.

"This strategic partnership contributes increasing quality of personnel training for a modern economy and society and is aimed at expanding abilities for organization of practice and training of students and teaching personnel of specialized departments of MESI, employability of students and graduates; and organizing participation of teachers and students in the field-specific projects of GMCS. Important areas of cooperation include holding public lectures and workshops with representatives of GMCS, joint development of training courses on best practices in the implementation and operation of business applications on the technology platform Microsoft Dynamics, including electronic ones, and methods of embedding Microsoft Dynamics training courses in educational programs of MESI and the organization of professional development of GMCS specialists with using resources of MESI. It should be noted that the company GMCS is recommended by Microsoft and acts as a technology partner in the academic program Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance. Furthermore, GMCS is a respected employer among Russian companies of the IT market. In particular, MESI graduates already work in GMCS," commented Natalia V.Tikhomirova, Principal of MESI.

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