27 august 2012
GMCS will implement a system of HR management for Synergy
The group of companies Synergy, a leading producer of alcoholic beverages in Russia, together with GMCS optimizes HR processes based on the system BOSS Kadrovik.

Until the end of 2012 will be built the unified corporate HRMS-system that will include a business unit of alcohol segment of the Holding in 7 regions of Russia. The system will provide centralized management of key processes of HR management: personnel administration, personnel arrangement and time attendance, payroll accounts (including the piece). For the purpose of obtaining internal and external reporting staff GMCS will develop an additional custom forms and set up the necessary paperwork.

"The introduction of a unified system based on product BOSS Kadrovik will reveal the opportunities but not only for the operational, strategic and human resource management," comments Belokopytov Nikolay, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Synergy, "Organization of data and standardization of HR processes, reduction of the operating costs, the support of a common policy of human resource management on the scale of the whole holding – are the main benefits that we expect to receive."

Currently GMCS has launched a pilot project, which result will be the introduction of an automated HR management system in the Management company, producering and service companies, as well as in trade house of the GC Synergy. It is planned that in 2013 the system will be replicated to other parts of alcoholic segment of the holding that are located in Primorsky, Khabarovsk and Perm, Arkhangelsk and Nizhny Novgorod regions.

"The implementation in Synergy is the another project in the segment of FMCG," says Oleg Kotov, the Director of Department of the automated HR management systems in the company GMCS. Offered to the customer integrated architecture of the solution takes into account its specific features and is flexible to scale in the case of the growth of the business needs. This ensures the cost minimization on the subsequent development and maintenance of the solution."

About Synergy

Synergy is one of the leading producers of distilled spirits in Russia based on production volume. Its strategic business area is production of distillery products. Synergy is structured as a holding company that at present includes 7 distilleries, as well as a number of food business production facilities. The company employed more than 7 000 people. The central office of the company is located in Moscow, Russian Federation.

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