5 march 2003
GMCS will take part in a large scale business automation project for Kazpochta, Kazakhstan
GMCS and Colvir Software, a British general contractor, have launched a joint project for introduction of a common information system at KazPochta. 

Specifics of the project is integration and joint setup of several systems which automate various enterprise activities. GMCS' specialists were charged with introduction of Baan ERP system with respect to administrative and economical activity tasks (provision of common corporate reports and statements, cost planning and accounting, logistics and transport management) and PROPHIX system for the purpose of automation of budgeting processes. 

Estimated project duration is three years. 

About KazPochta 

KazPochta is a dynamically developing complex with a multi-branch network including over 3500 mail offices located in all communities of Kazakhstan. Such coverage ensures general availability of mail, financial and agency services to residents and corporate clients.
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