20 august 2014
Home Credit Bank Kicks Off Centralized Outsourcing with MAYKOR
Home Credit Bank, with the second largest chain of branches among Russian banks, has transitioned to outsourcing the maintenance for its specialized banking equipment across the entire country. A contract to that effect was signed with MAYKOR in June 2014.

For the next year MAYKOR specialists will be responsible for maintaining the bank’s equipment – coin and bill counters and sorters – in every one of its branches. The outsourcer’s obligations include timely technical service, updating software, mechanical adjustments, and quickly resolving problems caused by malfunctioning hardware. Regular technical servicing will lead to significant savings on major repairs, something that can reach up to 25% of the cost of purchasing new equipment.

“The decision to move to centralized outsourcing was made so as to streamline all our equipment maintenance processes. Working with an service provider with its own resources spread across the entire country is great for simplifying and lessening paper trails. In addition, MAYKOR’s centralized service management system allows us to quickly handle all tech tasks”, noted Ekaterina Chekan, head of the cash transactions department at Home Credit Bank.
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