11 august 2011
HSC has laid foundation for the integrated logistic support of Russian Helicopters based on Oracle solutions for aviation
Helicopter Service Company (HSC), GMCS and APRO-Kapital report about completing the procurement and logistics management information system and TMRE of helicopters project.

The project has been implemented within the framework of the Federal Target Programme "Development of Russia's Commercial Aircraft in 2002-2010 and up to 2015". Based on the system created within the framework of the Russian Helicopters holding, a member of the United Industrial Corporation Oboronprom, the uniform information space for the effective processes of helicopter Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) is now being formed.

In 2008, a number of tasks aimed at organising highly-effective businesses in the aftersales service of Russian-manufactured helicopters, including organising overseas service centres to HSC. In the same year, at HSC within the framework of the solutions of United Industrial Corporation Oboronprom concerning centralising the logistics of the plants being members of Russian Helicopters and developing the aftersales service market (application software) of helicopters started the project of creating a uniform management information system. Based on the results of the comprehensive survey of the software products, HSC based on the information system of existing on the market sel ected complex Oracle E–Business Suite included a specialised solution for aviation – Oracle cMRO (Oracle Complex Maintenance Repair and Overhaul). The alliance of IT-consulting of GMCS and APRO-Kapital, the members of SC Compulink, acted as the Contractor of the project.

The project is aiming to solve a number of tasks related to automating procurement and logistics, repair maintenance and overhaul system for the entire complex of helicopter equipment (TMRE): bidding procedures, performing contractual operations with counterparties, including calculations processes, cash flows registration, planning TMRE operations, controlling the actual board structure, registering the resource condition of aggregates and units, movement control of aggregates in operation, etc. A unified vocabulary of stores was formed, in accordance with the requirements of GOST, OST, TU and other regulatory documents.

To enhance the efficiency of management procedures for communicating with customers, the information system was integrated with the portal HSC used at Microsoft SharePoint. While organising the registration of economic operations, the Oracle E–Business Suite complex was also integrated with the accounting system of HSC based on 1C, which enabled us to ensure document workflow based on the preparation of tradeable documents in real-time mode. As Oleg Zabava, Head of Operational Support Management of HSC points out, "our company’s basic objective is to provide professional aftersales services, like a private or state-owned aircraft company, to the users of Russian civilian helicopters in all regions worldwide. The automated application software processes based on Oracle Complex Maintenance Repair and Overhaul and its integration with the portal HSC will enable use to render the plants' holding services for the users of Russian helicopters with the maximum efficiency".

"We are sure that the use of the newly-created information system will enable Russian Helicopters holding to make a difference in the current adverse situation in the aftersales service of Russian helicopters on the domestic and foreign markets and transfer fr om spontaneous uncontrolled service to a modern technical support system based on the principles of Integrated Logistics Support," concludes Shtankov Artur, Application Software Director of HSC.

"All TMRE procurement and logistics and automation tasks were solved on a stage-by-stage basis while implementing this unique project. The involvement of practically all main subdivisions of HSC in the implementation of the project and active extensive support provided by the customer’s management became the key factors of success," points out Vasily Kozlov, Director of Development, Head of Imp Oracle E–Business Suite Execution Project at HSC, Department of Oracle Solutions of GMCS. "We were glad to take part in this innovative project. Today we are facing new interesting tasks regarding developing Oracle practice in the aircraft industry."

About Helicopter Service Company

Helicopter Service Company was incorporated on September 22, 2006. The Company is an affiliated structure of Russian Helicopters, a member of the United Industrial Corporation Oboronprom. HSC is responsible for organising a modern multi-level aftersales service system for helicopters manufactured in Russia, including organising overseas service centres. The Company is also organising centralised supplies of Russian helicopter manufacturing plants with purchased integrated parts and materials and provides supplies of aircraft technical property to organisations using Russian helicopters. The company is currently working with Russian plants, as well as such countries as Algeria, Brazil, Venezuela, Vietnam, Greece, Egypt, Spain, India, Canada, China, Korea, Lithuania, United Arab Emirates, Peru, Portugal, Slovakia, Sudan, USA, Ukraine, Croatia, Chile, Ecuador, the Republic of South Africa and Japan. HSC offers users of Russian helicopters an entire range of helicopter after-sales and logistics services.
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