27 november 2013
International Chain KARI Trusts Servicing of its Stores in Russia to MAYKOR
MAYKOR, a national-scale company that provides IT outsourcing, facility systems service and business applications support, announced the expansion of its cooperation with the international footwear and accessories store chain KARI.

The service partnership with KARI began in March 2013 when MAYKOR won a contract in the bidding for technical maintenance in 219 of the Russian chain’s stores. Today MAYKOR provides packaged service in all 403 footwear and accessories stores that KARI maintains in Russia. 

The service package includes repair and maintenance of IT infrastructure in the stores (computers, TV and audio equipment, video surveillance systems, etc.), commissioning of new equipment, procurement of components and consumables, servicing and registration of cash registers. 

The director for IT, Vener Safin, KARI pointed out that "Our mission is to offer high-quality fashionable footwear and accessories to our customers at affordable prices. In many cities where we do not currently have a store, people write letters and leave messages, asking us to open stores in their cities. Today more than 400 KARI stores operate in Russia. We plan to open new stores in cities where people have requested them. We also plan to open new stores in towns where we already have stores, but where there is a need to have more store located closer to our customers. Due to the broad geographical spread, cooperation with MAYKOR in Russia is the best solution to us in terms of cost efficiency. We are eager to have a dependable service partner that has all of the necessary resources and competencies enabling to promptly resolve all issues related to store equipment maintenance. Cooperation with MAYKOR gives us the convenience to receive comprehensive services, through a single contract, in all regions where the chain is present. This considerably cuts the cost of servicing at the required service level and simplifies the process of opening new stores.” 

MAYKOR's V.P for Key Accounts, Yury Malkin, stressed that "Today we are observing rapid expansion of various retail chains. So it is important to retailers that in any store, regardless of where it is located, the customers receive high-quality service. To a large degree, it depends upon good operation of the equipment. That is why large chains, such as KARI, prefer packaged servicing of their equipment pool where uniform quality standards are applied in all regions of their presence."

About KARI 

KARI is an international chain of fashionable footwear and accessories for men and women. The brand is well known in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The chain includes more than 530 stores. At this time, 403 KARI stores operate in Russia. 

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