10 august 2011
Irkut Corporation has created the united registration information environment
Irkut Corporation has completed a series of works aimed at replicating and commissioning the automatic control system at the plant based on Infor ERP LN.

Today, the Corporate Centre (Moscow), Engineering Centre (Moscow), the Irkutsk Aircraft Plant (Irkutsk) are operating within a unified integrated management system, including all areas of the plant’s activity: financial management, HR management, sales, logistics, and production. All works under the project have been performed in cooperation with GMCS working closely with Irkut for many years.

In 2010, the accounting system reforming project in Irkut resulted in the completion of a unified integrated record keeping system based on Infor ERP LN. In particular, accounting methods and techniques were developed and unified, a uniform methodological and data base for book-keeping, taxation, managerial and statistical accounting was created, which provided the transparency and uniformity of accounting, and a possibility of swift and high-quality preparation of records, including IAS statements. This project is characterized by a well-coordinated work of profile g IAS statements at subdivisions of Irkutsk Aircraft Plant (IAP), Corporate Centre and External Partner – GMCS related to the methodological support of developing accounting schemes, regulations and their implementation in the ERP Infor ERP system LN.

IAP was the first to start operations in the unified integrated management system. After obtaining positive results of the industrial operation of Infor ERP LN, the corporation decided to replicate the ERP system at all project and industrial sites of Irkut. At present, more than 1,000 corporation users are working in the unified integrated management system. In addition to Infor ERP LN system, the components of Infor PM-based unified distributed accounting loop are the budgeting system based on and automated by the BOSS-Kadrovik HR management system.

"Today, the structural subdivisions and affiliated companies of the corporation are working not only within the framework of a uniform financial, but also logistic and production management loops. The uniform accounting methodology, standardized techniques and regulations of basis business-processes in the conditions of the uniform information space considerably enhances corporate management efficiency," notes V.B. Prutkovsky, Senior Vice President – Executive Director of Irkut.

"The accomplished project has become the next stage of our multi-year collaboration with Irkut. The successful replication of corporate solutions at the plant has become possible due to the clear and well-coordinated work with the Irkut team," says Ekaterina Voropayeva, President of GMCS.

About Irkut

Irkut Corporation occupies the leading positions in the Russian aircraft industry. It provides more than a third of the revenue of the United Aircraft Corporation and 15% of the Russian arms export, according to the results of 2008, 2009 and 2010. The Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade awarded the plant "The Best Exporter of the Year" title in the aircraft industry nomination. In the last 5 years, the company’s revenue in IAS has doubled and, according to 2010 results it has exceeded USD 1.67 billion. The order portfolio is more than USD 6 billion.

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