21 december 2016
IT Project of Russian Post and MAYKOR Receives Time for Innovation Award
Russian Post and MAYKOR were awarded at the 6th All-Russian Time for Innovation Award, organized by the Social Projects Foundation and supported by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and the Russian Venture Company. A system to securely access work stations in post offices outside the corporate network has been recognized as the customer service quality improvement IT project of the year.

This project, implemented by Russian Post and MAYKOR, is developed to optimize the maintenance of work stations outside the corporate network, which made remote troubleshooting impossible without a special system due to security concerns. Therefore, any minor issue required a MAYKOR service engineer to perform on-site maintenance, thus increasing the service cost to the customer due to travel expenses and prolonging the repair time. This could impact the stability of operations of post offices and the quality of postal services.

The existing cloud solutions for online management of work stations did not meet Russian Post's information security requirements, so the companies needed to develop a unique system for completely secure communications. The management servers are located within Russian Post's infrastructure, ensuring the required security. The project has proved to be effective in pilot areas in 2016, and its replication is currently underway.

Russian Post is the federal postal service operator and is listed as a strategic organization of the Russian Federation. It has 42,000 offices throughout the country and is deemed one of the largest companies in terms of staff, employing about 350,000 workers.

Every year Russian Post processes nearly 2.5 billion letters and bills, including 1 billion items of state agency correspondence, as well as 194 million parcels. Russian Post services about 20 million customers in Russia, delivering 1 billion printed issues per year. Russian Post processes 3.5 trillion rubles in transactions each year, including pensions, payments, and wire transfers.
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