10 april 2012
ITT increases corporate management efficiency with GMCS support
Interregional TranzitTelekom (ITT) recently started pilot operation of the upgraded Microsoft Dynamics AX and HRM system on the basis of the BOSS-Kadrovik.

GMCS assists the company with increasing its corporate management efficiency. ITT has been using the Microsoft Dynamics AX system since 2005 for general, tax and management accounting, including accounting based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. The company tasked GMCS (within the confines of project development) with optimizing current business processes within the system and expanding its functionality by using the GMCS Telecom field solution on the basis of the 2009 Microsoft Dynamics AX.

In order to achieve such a task GMCS specialists optimized ITT's information model for managing the company , developed and implemented an instrument for approving documents in Microsoft Dynamics AX, including finalizing contracts and applications and setting up personal user accounts. In an attempt to improve the accuracy and speed of reporting within ITT's companies in the group, the firm is planning on replicating the formulated model in its subsidiary companies across Russia.

Automatizing the main processes of staff management within the BOSS-Kadrovik system is another crucial task for the company. Today with the assistance of BOSS-Kadrovik ITT can plan employee work schedules, administer personnel, keep track of time worked by employees, calculate salaries, prepare scheduled and analytical reports. Moreover, GMCS is working on creating a human resource portal at ITT using Sharepoint technology.

"ITT pays careful attention to improving corporate management efficiency and optimizing business processes since this is an important condition for constantly perfecting service quality," noted Evgeny Vasilyev, the General Director at ITT. "By launching these systems we are planning on increasing the efficiency of both internal (maintaining applications, payment control, HR management) and external management processes – separate accounting and reporting".

Ekaterina Voropaeva, the President at GMCS believes that "when using our accumulated experience and very own know how in the field we are able to offer telecommunication companies optimal task solutions regarding both implementing and developing business management information systems."

About ITT

Interregional TranzitTelekom (ITT) – a long-distance carrier. The company was founded in 1994 to coordinate activities between various service providers. MTT provides telecommunications services and effectively coordinates the activities of more than 300 mobile and 100 landline phone service providers in Russia with 50 foreign service providers. The company provides signal coordination with more than 300 foreign service providers. In 2005 the company received Federal Communications Control Service License No.32042 for providing long-distance carrier services to final consumers across Russia. All of these services are provided on the basis of a multi-service nation-wide network (being present in all of Russia’s regions).
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