11 october 2012
Kamchatskenergo with GMCS launches intelligent billing system
Kamchatskenergo (Holding RAO Energy System of East) and the company GMCS sum up the project of billing system implementation on the base of a comprehensive solution for energy and utility companies MECOMS™.

At present, the intelligent billing system is in commercial operation and provides consumers of Kamchatka high level of service at all stages, from consumption to pay. This is the first such project with innovative platforms MECOMS™ in Russia.

The completed project is an important step in the creation of intellectual energy supply system of the Far Eastern region by the holding RAO Energy System of East. The result of this innovative project that is planned to last over several years, will be integrated energy sales system based on international best practices, which will provide payments for electricity and heat both with 1.5 million social and 100,000 commercial customers of the Far Eastern Federal District in services of RAO Energy System of East.

The concept of billing solutions, implemented in the Kamchatskenergo – the result of a deep methodological work of the joint team of experts RAO Energy System of East, GMCS and Russian division of Microsoft. Functional of the solution is elaborated in accordance with the characteristics of business processes and rules of the energy holding and rules of wholesale market of electricity and thermal energy. The integrated solution includes support of payments for electricity and heat in key areas: collection and verification of meter reading accuracy, billing, payment acceptance (via terminals, cash registers, operating account), contract management, handling complaints activity, account of balances commercial (analysis of released and consumed energy), automatic importing of bank statements and their matching with intelligent analysis, analytical reporting.

Deployment of billing system was phased in over 12 months. Within the project specialists faced with the inevitable characteristic of the region's difficulties with communication channels. Due to the specially deployed for solution IT infrastructure, specialists could provide uninterrupted processing of data from four remote offices serving consumers, into a single database in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

"Modernization of the marketing infrastructure of public services is one of the key areas of the intellectual energy concept for the Far East, which is being implemented progressively from 2011," says Natalya Shalagina, deputy director of sales branch of Kamchatskenergo. Energosbit performing marketing functions of company, "Today in the billing system processes of sales to commercial customers are automated: it is 4500 enterprises and organizations of the peninsula. Until the end of 2012, we plan to transfer the social customers in service of MECOMS ™ – it is more than 112 000 individuals."

After the project completion in Kamchatskenergo RAO Energy System of East decided to replicate MECOMS™ in the other enterprises of the holding.

"Against the background of the problems associated with the transition period of housing and utilities sector, the role of integrated solutions and the use of advanced technologies to reduce operational costs, increased consumer awareness, the accuracy of calculations and data collection software tools increased significantly," said Oleg Lysov, the Vice President of GMCS, "MECOMS ™ solution fully answers the challenges that the market throws to utility companies, and we are pleased that Kamchatskenergo can get all the benefits of their use of this innovative product."

About Kamchatskenergo

Kamchatskenergo – a subsidiary of JSC RAO Energy System of East, is a major supplier of electricity in the Kamchatka region and generates more than half of the thermal energy for Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

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