9 december 2015
KARI has doubled the number of its stores in Russia with the support of MAYKOR
MAYKOR, a nationwide provider of IT and business process outsourcing services, is developing a comprehensive contract to IT support with KARI international chain of shoe stores. In two years, the retailer has doubled the number of its stores in Russia to over 280 outlets due to support of MAYKOR.

KARI International chain has successfully expanded in 5 countries. Today, it includes more than 890 stores and the company's network has a high growth rate in Russia. Since the beginning of 2015, more than 70 outlets of the retailer have been opened in different regions of the country, with 648 stores countrywide. KARI utilizes IT support outsourcing in opening new outlets and maintaining its IT infrastructure. 

MAYKOR provides maximum technical support services to all KARI stores in Russia. The comprehensive package of services includes commissioning and support of all hardware and software, including automated workstations, network equipment, video surveillance systems, and TV and acoustic systems, as well as ensuring an adequate supply of consumables, spare parts, and replacement assets. The services are provided in accordance with a single contract stipulating standard requirements to SLA compliance across Russia.

"This outsourcing contract to provide centralized technical IT infrastructure support was signed in 2013. This model allows us to scale the service based on business needs, and maintain high growth rates without an increase in our own staff workload. In the course of two years, we have seen the cost-effectiveness of this approach, and we will continue to cooperate with MAYKOR," commented Vener Safin, IT Director of KARI.
About KARI

is an international chain of fashionable footwear and accessories for men and women. The brand is well known in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The chain includes more than 890 stores. At this time, 648 KARI stores operate in Russia.
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