26 march 2015
KIT Transportation Company signs another service contract with MAYKOR
MAYKOR will continue to provide IT outsourcing services to KIT Transportation Company. Another service contract was signed by the parties in February. Under this contract, the outsourcer will provide smooth operations of computer and office equipment for more than 70 of the customer's offices.

The first outsourcing contract between MAYKOR and KIT was concluded in 2012. The geographic scope of the project increased throughout their cooperation due to the opening of KIT's new branches. Today, it covers more than 40 Russian cities.

MAYKOR specialists provide prompt failure recovery of the IT infrastructure, as well as routine repair and maintenance work. Services are provided in accordance with a single SLA for all regions, which guarantees the same high level of equipment failure tolerance rate.

"Information technology is one of the key components of a successful business for transport companies, which is why the IT department of KIT is focused on how to ensure advanced development of its IT infrastructure. Our long-term outsourcing partner – MAYKOR – helps us to cope with this task, taking on all aspects of technical support," stated Mikhail Popov, CEO of KIT Transportation Company.
About KIT

KIT Transportation Company is one of the leading companies on the freight transportation market. It provides regular, prompt delivery of cargo weighing over 1 kg to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan. Due to its large geographical presence and quality transportation services of any goods, including documents and parcels, the Transportation Company is widely used by tens of thousands of small and medium-size businesses, sole proprietors and individuals. The most popular services of the company include: delivery of goods from China, express delivery by air, E-KIT online stores services, cargo insurance, safe storage, and rigid packaging.
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