10 september 2014
Korablik automates the business with Microsoft and GMCS

The baby store chain Korablik has chosen Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for business management. A new back-office system in all 145 stores will be build with the help of GMCS (a subsidiary of MAYKOR).

The project will allow the retailer to manage centrally the following key business processes within a single system: procurement, logistics, goods receipt in shops, warehouse management, payments to suppliers, assortment management, bookkeeping and tax accounting, management accounting, IFRS.

Particular attention is paid to automate price formation in accordance with a single assortment matrix of more than 10 thousand products. The project also includes management of promotions (discounts, sales, etc.), integration with cash register system and loyalty program.

"We have a positive experience using Microsoft products, including business intelligence of retail sales based on the technology Microsoft SQL Server. Consolidation of back-office processes with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is the opportunity for us to build a new platform to support dynamic business with a reasonable cost of the whole IT infrastructure. We will be able to optimize budgets, improve goods replenishment in the stores, support a wide assortment of products and competitive prices, and offer qualitative service and new opportunities for shopping to our customers," says Robert Sardaryan, CIO of Korablik.

Korablik is one of the most effective and dynamic store chains in the market: for the last year more than 30 new stores was opened. The company mission is not only to provide wide goods assortment with competitive prices, but also to develop additional services for parents and children (for example, ability to buy products out of the store assortment, broadcast of children's cartoons in the stores).

At the moment, about 60% of purchases in Korablik are made by bonus cards. Migration to the new back-office system will also allow the retailer to develop omni-channel sales and create conditions reducing the time fr om making decisions to making purchase by optimizing the processes of searching the right products, further sales personification, development of delivery and payment services.

A separate unit of work is related with automation of treasury and budgeting. The system supports maintenance of bid campaigns, including the accompanying document, support for local and foreign currency payments. The retailer will get tools to plan and correct budgets, control cash flows and maintain plan and fact analysis. The single management system will also include bookkeeping and tax accounting, as well as management accounting with the ability to form reporting in IFRS.

"In addition to the standard functionality we also automate processes specific for retail, and integrate the back-office system with external systems and internet stores. In order to make Korablik available to work online and make important decisions no matter wh ere the management is, we provide ability to approve documents with an Internet browser and mobile devices," adds Denis Timoshenko, Business Director of GMCS.

About Korablik 

Korablik is one of the largest Russian chains of children`s goods. At the beginning of July, 2014 the chain consisted of 144 stores located in more than 70 cities in Russia. By 2017 the chain is expected to increase up to 300 stores in various regions of the country. 

The wide range of goods covers every need of children aged up to 7 years: toys, baby care goods, infant and toddler nutrition, clothes, furniture and baby carriages. Also Korablik has developed its private labels for clothes – Barkito, and for baby carriages – Parusok. In 2013 the company launched a bonus-based loyalty program that gained more than 1.1m users by July, 2014. 

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