17 april 2007
Marina Gornaya appointed as GMCS' Oracle Products Director

Marina Gornaya was appointed Oracle Products Director to replace Andrey Nikolayev, who became GMCS Vice-President. 

Commenting on her promotion, Marina Gornaya said: "I'm happy to join the team of experienced top-notch professionals who have been entrusted to implement projects at such companies as Mobile TeleSystems, SIBUR Holding and KuibyshevAzot. I'm sure that we have every opportunity for further growth and that many more companies will be added on the list of our customers in the nearest future."

Marina Gornaya was born in Moscow. In 1979, she graduated cum laude fr om Moscow's I.Gubkin Petrochemical and Gas Industry Institute, majoring in applied mathematics.

She started her career immediately after graduation, working at Moscow's computation centers where she rose from programmer to software development team leader. From 1989 till 1993, she was in charge of software development and implementation at Kroug R&D Institute, initially as the development, and later as the implementation team leader. For the next 4 years she worked in a number of wholesale trade companies wh ere she occupied managerial positions, including the position of IT manager.

In 1997-2002, Marina worked at Baan's Russian office (Baan Eurasia), wh ere she was in charge of the functional component within Baan ERP-system implementation projects. In 2002-2007, she worked within the consultancy division of Oracle CIS. In 2006, Marina was qualified as a Senior Principal. In the capacity of a project architect and project manager, Marina participated in several major Oracle implementation projects at petrochemical companies.

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