6 december 2012
MAYKOR Acquires Autotank-Service — Professional Outsourcer of Gas Station Maintenance Services
MAYKOR, a national-scale servicer and outsourcer of IT and building utility systems, on behalf of its subsidiary CRT Service, has signed the acquisition of Autotank-Service LLC, provider of maintenance for seamless operation of gas stations and high-tech equipment used in fuel retail industry. Autotank-Service LLC will become a part of MAYKOR's subsidiary CRT Service as a unit representing a new line of services. 

This transaction took place in the framework of MAYKOR's merger and acquisition (M&A) strategy focused on acquisition of top federal level outsourcers and large regional players of infrastructure maintenance and IT outsourcing market. The M&A strategy implemented by MAYKOR is aimed at stimulation of the development of maintenance service network, acquisition of new competencies and human resources nationwide. By the end of 2013 MAYKOR is going to acquire more Russian service market players.

For the end user a large portion of retail network's value comes from consistent quality of the service in all outlets run by the operator. This includes the service mix, the gas station condition and continuity of its operation, the condition of self-service fixtures and many other factors that affect user experience. In particular, fuel retail business requires special competencies tailored to specialized equipment used at the gas stations. Furthermore, a gas station today is a multifunctional unit that offers not only gasoline, but also a mini-market, cafeteria and more. To make all retail outlets conform to the same standards of quality and uninterruptible operation, maintenance standards shall be kept consistent at all facilities and equipment throughout the operator's network. At the same time, by running their own nationwide multifunctional infrastructure maintenance services fuel retailers incur non-core activity expenses that make up a considerable portion of the total costs for all of them, large of small. So they have to become engaged in dealing with numerous subcontractors, facing different quality of services from region to region, irregular paperwork and other disadvantages of a non-consolidated outsourcing. Large fuel retailers relying on their own resources to maintain their gas stations have to incur high costs of non-core business. 

Today the MAYKOR Group is the only national-scale outsourcer in Russia capable of delivering a unique one-stop-shop “utilities + IT” service package, targeting geographically distributed retailers anywhere in Russia. Having analyzed the market and based on its experience in collaboration with fuel retailers, MAYKOR is putting together a unique value proposition of “all inclusive” gas station outfitting and maintenance service. This called for competencies and human resources that would quickly complement the available gas station maintenance capacity currently available at MAYKOR. In particular, the group was looking for efficient operating assets and units that have experience in maintenance of specialized fuel-handling equipment installed at gas stations. That was the reason behind the acquisition of Autotank-Service. 

Autotank-Service is a large regional player of the gas station infrastructure maintenance market. It made a 5-year long journey from a local ATM servicer to an inter-regional maintenance network offering a broad range of services for full-scale support of gas station fuel systems and utilities. The company has developed strategic partnerships with many fuel retailers; it has gained a considerable experience and created resources needed to run the current projects, as well as to quickly scale up the service as new orders arrive. 

”Our acquisitions, such as that of Autotank-Service, help MAYKOR to successfully build out our maintenance capacity, optimize and expand our line of services, offering outsourcing formats that are both unique and efficient. By adding Autotank-Service resources, MAYKOR has integrated an existing branch network with its own production infrastructure (Autotank-Service branches in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Volgograd and Chelyabinsk) and a workforce of more than 250 qualified specialists, helping attract key fuel retailers operating on the Russian market. On its part, MAYKOR will offer to the acquired local service player the best possible conditions for development within the group's regional divisions. MAYKOR's new offer — an “all inclusive” gas station maintenance package — will certainly be a success due to obvious advantages for geographically distributed companies, who will get one-stop-shop access to outsourced services. This means a single contact center, minimal number of contractors, reduced costs, optimized service management, etc. This way MAYKOR has strengthened its positions as a provider of an outsourcing model unique for the Russian market,” comments Sergey Sulgin, MAYKOR President.

”In 2011 the combined share of IT outsourcing services made up more than 14% of the total domestic IT services market volume. The segment will continue to stay ahead of the market average growth rates both short and long-term. In many ways this is due to the fact that so far this service line generates rather small cash revenues, so even a few large projects may result in considerable changes. So far the IT outsourcing services market is dominated by Russian players,” says Ludmila Kalabina, an IDC analyst. 

About Autotank-Service

Autotank-Service LLC is a provider of integrated services and equipment support for gas stations. Founded in 2007, Autotank-Service maintains its engineering workforce available in most regions of Russia, from Chita to Kaliningrad. The company employs more than 250 qualified specialists. 

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