31 january 2013
MAYKOR Acquires Leaders of Regional Service Markets
MAYKOR Group, a national-scale servicer and outsourcer of IT and building utility systems, on behalf of its subsidiary CRT Service, reports acquisition of two leading regional service market players – SP Infoservice, Ltd. (Stavropol) and a service unit of Amfitel Plus Ltd. (Kazan). Infoservice and the service unit of Amfitel Plus will be integrated into the existing MAYKOR's Stavropol and Kazan branches, respectively.

By purchasing the two large regional players MAYKOR will strengthen its positions in Russia's two strategic provinces with upward ICT dynamics: the Republic of Tatarstan and Stavropol region. The deals came in as part of MAYKOR's merger and acquisition (M&A) strategy focused on acquisition of top federal level outsourcers and large regional players on the infrastructure maintenance/IT outsourcing market.

Both companies are accredited Service Centers authorized to provide cash register equipment service that is state-regulated. The cash register equipment service market is fairly large in terms of user capacity, in particular in the regions. The discussed equipment makes a good share of the inventory of equipment operated by retailers, as well as by numerous service providers.  

The Infoservice cash register machine service center is one of the largest in Stavropol region. The company has passed a long way from a small workshop to a large service center with rich physical infrastructure and skilled personnel. By the time of making a deal with MAYKOR, Infoservice had 10 profitable branches operating all over Stavropol region and collaborated with the top manufacturers of cash register equipment.

"Before year end we will have completed all integration processes: all Infoservice staff, including top managers, are to become MAYKOR employees. Once we are part of MAYKOR, we will be able to offer our clients both high quality specialized service – the cash register equipment support – and also other forms of technical services," says Galina Saenko, SP Infoservice, Ltd. General Director. 

The other asset – the service unit of Amfitel Plus – is a successful provider of cash register equipment service in the Republic of Tatarstan with more than 15 year-long track record. During this time the company managed to build partnerships with leading manufacturers of cash register machines. Among its clients are the largest players of retail, telecom, hotel business, etc. 

"As part of MAYKOR's Kazan branch, Amfitel Plus will continue to fulfill its obligations on all the current projects, and will be able to acquire new competencies and experience," comments Dmitry Ovchinnikov, Deputy Head of the Amfitel Plus service unit. 

"MAYKOR continues to pursue its aggressive M&A strategy, which has lead to acquisition of several leading regional service providers over the course of 2012. In 2013 we are planning more acquisitions. This non-organic growth strategy, coupled with the development of the existing resources and capacities, enables MAYKOR to enjoy a very high growth rate (over 60% per annum), well ahead of the Russian service market. Smaller regional companies find it advantageous to merge with large players, as it gives them the powerful resources they need for their development and an opportunity to enter high-scale federal-level projects," says Sergey Sulgin, MAYKOR Group President. 

About Infoservice 

SP Infoservice, Ltd. is one of the largest service companies of Stavropol region. The company was founded in 1990. As of today, apart from its head facility SP Infoservice, Ltd. successfully operates 20 branches that are registered at various localities throughout Stavropol region. 

About AMFITEL PLUS service unit 

The unit has a long (over 15 years) and successful track record as a provider of integrated maintenance and support services to users of cash register and computer equipment. Amfitel Plus, Ltd. has more than 50 corporate clients in the Republic of Tatarstan, including in Kazan, Nab. Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Almetyevsk, etc. Amfitel Plus, Ltd. service unit is an accredited dealer representing many leading cash register equipment manufacturers: SKB VT ISKRA, KRAFTWAY, SHTRIH-M, Wincor Nixdorf, etc.  

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