14 november 2012
MAYKOR and Next Technika executed a cooperation agreement
MAYKOR, a national-scale group focused on servicing and outsourcing of IT and building utility systems, and Research and Technology Laboratory Next Technika have announced a long-term cooperation agreement.

As one of the key cooperation areas, the partners will work towards implementing specialized hardware and software suites based on ISTOK-SM software with maintenance provided by MAYKOR, within the framework of Federal Target Programme System – 112.

The solution based on specialized ISTOK-SM software is a unique and unparalleled system ensuring instantaneous information exchange and teamwork for first response services of different departmental subordination. This system can integrate hundreds of organizations involved in emergency and rescue operations and enable prompt online decision-making based on latest reports. ISTOK-SM allows residents to call emergency responders using the single 112 number.

MAYKOR and Next Technika also have plans to join their efforts in creating, implementing and maintaining radio monitoring equipment in order to keep the stationary and mobile facilities built for various purposes under control.

"The effectiveness of the safety system bears down directly on the quality of life. Not only the modern society needs the means to quickly eliminate the existing threats, but also to avert potentially critical situations. To improve the level of safety it is mandatory to apply state-of-the-art safety technologies in greater geographical areas, and one of these solutions is our partner's ISTOK-SM-based hardware and software suite. Thanks to MAYKOR's federal-level coverage and strong resource base, we can introduce ISTOK-SM specialized software either across Russia or within individual territories, even those most remote from the central zone," says Andrey Panagushin, MAYKOR Vice President for Key Account Management.

About CJSC Research and Technology Laboratory Next Technika 

The company was founded in 2002. Its core activities – development, production and implementation of facility radio monitoring system Horizon-NT and ISTOK-SM specialized software for automation of call centers of first response services of different departmental subordination. CJSC Research and Technology Laboratory Next Technika is a part of the cooperation pool of the Federal Center for Science and High Technologies (FBGU VNII GOChS) for the development of automation systems for call centers and united real-time emergency operation control systems that incorporates the implementation of the common European emergency number 112. 

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