18 march 2014
MAYKOR and Research Company DiSiCon Will Cooperate in Forest Fire Protection
MAYKOR, a Russian nationwide provider of IT and Business Process Outsourcing, and DiSiCon LLC, a research company operating in the Skolkovo Innovation Center, announced an signing of a cooperation agreement for development of innovations in environmental science and forest fire prevention.

The purpose of the agreement is to join the parties' efforts aimed at development, implementation and technical support of remote monitoring and early detection of forest fires; the system is called Lesnoy Dozor (Forest Watch) and was designed by DiSiCon. Under the agreement the parties will cooperate in development of fire protection measures using the Lesnoy Dozor system. They will also provide advisory help to each other in execution of the project when it comes to interaction with the state agencies responsible for emergencies prevention and control.

Lesnoy Dozor is an innovation system for terrestrial monitoring of forests and determination of fire coordinates; it is intended for early detection of forest fires. The system includes an equipment package that can be placed on any tall structures (e.g., on antenna towers belonging to telecom operators), which ensures prompt detection of fires both in large or small areas. Data coming from video cameras, IR cameras and thermal imagers is analyzed in the control center using custom software. At this time the system Lesnoy Dozor works successfully in more than 20 regions of Russia.

About DiSiCon

DiSiCon LLC is a company engaged in research and development in the field of forest monitoring. It resides in the Skolkovo Innovation Center. Since its foundation in 2008 the company's team of scientists has won a number of innovation contests in the field and participated in federal programs that support innovative development.

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