21 november 2012
MAYKOR and Utilex announce a partner agreement
MAYKOR Group, a national-scale servicer and outsourcer of IT and building utility systems, on behalf of its subsidiary NST LLC, has become an official partner of Utilex, a Russian developer of infrastructure solutions.

To fulfill the main objective of this cooperation, MAYKOR and Utilex will jointly work on promotion, procurement and maintenance of infrastructure solutions developed and patented by Utilex.

Today the demand for outsourcing of data storage and processing capacities grows rapidly. Public structures and private businesses alike, when facing the need to deal with ever growing data volumes, seek to improve reliability and efficiency of resources in their Data Centers. In this context the demand for outsourced data storage and processing keeps growing. MAYKOR Group, with its customer base of more than 950 companies, seeks to satisfy its clients’ needs as much as possible and continuously expands its service mix. The partner agreement with Utilex is a major step forward for MAYKOR's datacenter competence development, enabling the company to offer its clients state-of-the-art solutions for optimization of their business processes in terms of data storage and processing. 

The partner agreement covers three product lines. The first one is the compact DataStone (‘Datacenter in a hallway’) used to create a private high-availability infrastructure in locations not intended for that purpose (rented spaces, office rooms, etc.). The second product line is NOTA (Parking lot datacenter), which is a larger infrastructure solution incorporating an enclosure and all subsystems required for a data center. This facility is not a permanent structure and it does not need a foundation or earthwork, which makes it possible to put data center into operation in less than three months. And finally, Clever Breeze – a server room climate monitoring and control system that allows creating or upgrading a server room at a minimal cost by increasing the power of existing air conditioning system, ensuring redundancy and eliminating local points of overheating. 

All these products were developed by Utilex based on many years of experience as a provider of infrastructure solutions for various businesses, profound knowledge in the field of IT-infrastructure and in-depth market demand analysis. 

The partner agreement provides that MAYKOR Group experts will be authorized to procure and maintain NOTA, DataStone and Clever Breeze solutions with full-scale marketing, commercial and technical support from the original product developer. 

Furthermore, Utilex has scheduled a training course for MAYKOR engineers in order to develop competencies in unassisted assembly, start-up and maintenance of these solutions. Vladimir Tikunov, Utilex General Director: ”I am very pleased that such a large and successful company as MAYKOR is getting involved in promotion and procurement of NOTA, DataStone and Clever Breeze. This means that the market's largest players have high confidence in the potential of our solutions in which we have invested a great deal of our skills, knowledge and experience. I have no doubt that this is going to be a long and productive partnership.” 

Dmitry Selivanov, MAYKOR Vice President for Key Account Management: ”Construction and maintenance of small standalone Datacenter infrastructure facilities is one of MAYKOR’S strategic goals. The partner agreement with Utilex will expand our competencies and our products/services offer, giving our clients opportunities to save capital costs and use their IT-infrastructure more efficiently”.

About Utilex

Utilex is a Russian developer of infrastructure solutions and IT service provider since 1989. Key focus areas: R&D, infrastructure solution development, IT-infrastructure building. Cnews ratings invariably name Utilex among Top-100 largest IT companies in Russia.  

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