5 february 2013
MAYKOR Expands its Cooperation With Ecco Chain of Footwear Stores
MAYKOR, a national-scale servicer and outsourcer of IT and building utility systems, on behalf of its subsidiary CRT Service, announces its move to expand cooperation with the Russian division of the international chain of footwear stores run by the Danish ECCO.

The cooperation with the famous footwear brand began in December 2011, when ECCO-ROS outsourced to MAYKOR a package of maintenance services of several ECCO stores located in Central, Southern and Privolzhsky federal districts. Once the advantages of engaging the service provider became clear, ECCO decided to expand the contract. Beginning February 2013, MAYKOR will expand its service to all the ECCO's regional units. By the end of the year the project will cover a total of 100 ECCO stores, offices, warehouses, and distribution centers in the Russian regions.

"We have engaged MAYKOR following a study of the regional outsourcing market. Our candidates had to meet tough requirements. These included having their own facilities in ECCO's points of presence, having a buffer stock available, having an effective order logging and client reporting system, and, of course, being able to offer an SLA and competitive price. We were looking for a company with excellent internal management, a result-oriented provider whose efforts are aimed at client’s satisfaction with the quality of work," says Sergey Prokhorov, CIO for ECCO in Russia. 

The service plan covers repairs and interventions to ensure sustainable operation of automated workplaces, office equipment, networking and server equipment, front and back-office infrastructure. MAYKOR will also install and setup the required software. The users will receive advice on operation-related issues. 

"We are expanding our cooperation with MAYKOR because we are satisfied with the high level of IT infrastructure maintenance at our stores. An important point is that all works are performed on-site without interrupting continuous operation of our outlets. Yet for us the key advantage of working with MAYKOR is to have all types of equipment being taken care of on one-stop-shop basis, which is made possible thanks to MAYKOR's own broad-scale service network covering each and every region of Russia. This single contract covers several groups of our most critical equipment. MAYKOR's service has helped us cut our non-core expenses, optimize document flow and simplify launching new stores," continues Sergey Prokhorov. 

"The national-scale retail chains, such as ECCO that have been recently showing strikingly high growth rates, are looking for integrated maintenance of their infrastructure in all regions of Russia. We aspire to manage standard service quality across our organization by implementing 24/7 quality control, training and certifying our engineers on a regular basis, streamlining our logistics – in short, by applying professional approach to service provision," says Stanislav Brodyansky, MAYKOR Vice-President for Business Development.

About ECCO

ECCO was founded in 1963 in Denmark. ECCO owns one of the most branched chains of footwear stores in the world. As of now, the global chain consists of more than 4,000 stores sharing a single trade concept. The ECCO concept means there are centralized production and logistic centers, the same standardized equipment, display styles, operating principles and client service standards; all these are no different in all ECCO stores, whether in Denmark, Australia, Japan, USA or Russia. Today the company continues to actively build out its chain of signature stores of footwear and accessories in the regions of Russia. According to a 2009 expert review of ECCO-ROS Ltd.'s regional business development strategy, the company is the largest chain of signature stores of footwear and accessories in the mid-range price segment. In 2010, according to an independent study performed by Online Market Intelligence, ECCO was named the “Russian Buyers' Favorite Brand” in “Footwear” category for the second year in a row.

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