27 march 2013
MAYKOR Group to open new branches for transport company KIT
MAYKOR Group, a national-scale provider of services and outsourcing of IT and building utility systems, on behalf of its subsidiary CRT Service, is expanding its cooperation with Transport Company KIT and is beginning to provide technical support for the opening of KIT's new branches throughout Russia.

KIT is a large-scale, geographically distributed federal transport company with representative offices in various regions of the Russian Federation. The cooperation of MAYKOR Group and KIT began in May of 2012 with the signing of a service contract, based on which MAYKOR Group's engineers began providing technical support for computer and office equipment in 60 operational branches of KIT. Against the backdrop of growing demand for transport services, especially out in the regions, in the beginning of 2013 KIT management decided to increase the number of its branches at major transport hubs throughout Russia. Over the long-run, this will help enhance the company's main competitive advantage, which is its fast and precise delivery to small cities. Having already proven itself as a reliable service partner, MAYKOR Group was chosen to provide technical support for the opening of new branches as well as for the continued seamless operation of office equipment. 

Mikhail Popov, general director of Transport Company KIT, shared his plans for the future: "Over the course of 2013, KIT plans to open a number of branches in Russian regions that are strategically crucial for improving our business. In assigning MAYKOR Group the task of servicing our computer and office equipment, we acknowledged the efficiency of outsourcing and decided to also use this practice in our newly opening branches, especially since MAYKOR Group is capable of not only supporting efficient operation of existing equipment, but is also capable of providing for the delivery, assembly, and commissioning of acquired equipment. This enables us to open new branches on tight schedules and at optimum cost." 

About KIT  

Transport Company KIT provides regular, express delivery of consolidated goods ranging from 1 kg to 20 tonnes throughout Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. Tens of thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs utilize the services of KIT for the transport of any type of cargo, including documentation and parcels. 
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