19 march 2013
MAYKOR Group will provide comprehensive servicing for the RF Ministry of Economic Development
MAYKOR Group, a national-scale provider of services and outsourcing of IT and building utility systems, on behalf of its subsidiary NST, announces its victory in the public electronic auction to provide comprehensive technical servicing to the RF Ministry of Economic Development.

MAYKOR Group will ensure the seamless operation of the integrated data computing system and data telecommunication center of the RF Ministry of Economic Development, which will include the technical servicing of software/hardware systems, telecommunications equipment, and system-wide software. In addition to technical support of equipment, the scope of work performed by the MAYKOR Group's experts will also include the deployment of new equipment and installation of the necessary software. 

"Government agencies are actively developing their IT and telecommunication infrastructures; they are implementing new solutions and upgrading existing systems. All components of their data telecommunication system, including their equipment and software, require customized technical support that should not only minimize equipment downtime but also increase its fault tolerance through preventative measures. MAYKOR Group offered the Ministry of Economic Development the optimal service format thanks to its expertise in servicing IT and utility systems as well as telecom infrastructure, which is what clenched victory for our Group in the public electronic auction," noted Ivan Andrianov, Vice President of key accounts for MAYKOR Group.
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