6 june 2013
MAYKOR has acquired GMCS
MAYKOR, a national-scale servicer and outsourcer of IT and building utility systems, announces a merger with GMCS, a provider of services for development of business management information systems. This merger is aimed at extension of a service package intended for outsourcing of business applications, collaboration in development of innovative products and expansion into new industries.

Upon this transaction MAYKOR has obtained 65% interest in GMCS, which, in its turn, has become a MAYKOR subsidiary. The decision to proceed with this deal was made by the parties based on great experience in operation on the corporate market and evaluation of high market demand for state-of-the-art comprehensive IT outsourcing services.

In the last few years Russian business has passed the first stage of automation of data management and control, as well as outfitting of enterprises with modern equipment and systems. As information technologies keep developing, customers move their focus to streamlining of operation of their existing infrastructures.

Synergy of MAYKOR and GMCS resources and capabilities helps meeting these market demands. While servicing a broad range of IT, industry-specific equipment and building utility systems belonging to its clients, the MAYKOR group now will be capable of supporting their business applications and other software. As such, the MAYKOR group will provide a package of services covering operation of the overall software, hardware and industry-specific infrastructure in a 'one stop shop' fashion. Since MAYKOR has 83 branches and 400 service units all over the country, its support engineers are available in close vicinity from the customers' locations.

Another facet of joint operation of MAYKOR and GMCS will be the development of specialized OTS solution for POS terminals, which will be in demand in various industries, such as retail, fuel and energy sector, housing and utilities, logistics and transport, large federal entities. Due to the MAYKOR's federal-scale geographic coverage and its unique engineering and technology resources, the group of companies is fully capable to replicate this solution in a shortest time, which is what the market requires now.

Both GMCS and MAYKOR are market-oriented companies with large customer bases that include clients from retail, banking, telecommunications, logistic and transport, insurance, manufacturing, fuel and energy and other industries. MAYKOR clients are mostly represented by large and medium-size companies distributed geographically. That is why, by joining MAYKOR, GMCS will be able to offer business applications implementation services, that have formed in the company over the years, to all clients of the Group. In the medium-term horizon the coverage across Russia will enable MAYKOR and GMCS come up with an off-the-shelf POS product to the mass market and work with small B2C clients in the regions of Russia.

"Having passed 15-year-long journey on the open competitive market, GMCS is today a recognized leader in the development of management information systems in a number of industries and product lines. GMCS has created and launched major solutions for the corporate business and these services are very much in demand. Joining MAYKOR creates a new momentum to our company growth, it opens room for new segments, unique approaches and services. The service components of the business will grow and we are going to open subdivisions that will be developing innovative replicable solutions. At the same time, to our clients GMCS will remain the same company with uncompromized level of responsibility for the duties it has taken and the same quality of work", pointed out Ekaterina Voropayeva, GMCS President.

"To MAYKOR GMCS is a source of unique competences, rich engineering experience and non-trivial approaches to solutions for the most sophisticated tasks of our clients. By carefully tracking the trends in the western outsourcing market we realize the need for gradual increase of intellectual component of MAYKOR services. Yesterday the clients felt the need for simple basic services and we arranged such a system at the most advanced level. Today our clients challenge us with integrated tasks associated with application of new technologies and optimization of business processes", states Servey Sulgin, MAYKOR President.

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